My girlfriend is still talking to her ex behind my back after she promised me she never would again..

I have been dating my girlfriend for a little over six months. She was dumped by her ex about 3 months before we got together. When we first got together, I knew she still had feelings for him, but as time went on, she seemed much happier and I could tell she was getting over him.

Recently she left her Facebook on at my house and I saw she had been talking to her ex and saying things like she missed him, and he said how his new girlfriend didn't make him happy like she did, and she responded saying that she thinks I'm great but it isn't the same...

She tells me she loves me everyday, we have a great sex life, and she is extremely happy around me and anxious to spend lots of time with me.

But I couldn't handle that and told her it was over, and she begged me to take her back and promised she wouldn't do it ever again. She blocked him on Facebook, and now about a week later. she was at my house checking her email and I she had been chatting with him over email.

I feel like I should just break up with her for good, but I'm not sure if she is just confused and really loves me, or I'm just a space filler.

I agree with all of you, but I'm just totally baffled how she tells me she wants to have my kids and marry me and does this. A little note, the second time she emailed him, it was just one message saying that I made her block him on Facebook and she is sorry, and if he needs anything he should message her, but she isn't actively engaging him anymore


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  • Dump her. You're her back up plan. We probably likes you as a person, enjoys you. But at doesn't mean she loves you. Seriously doesn't. One time mistake might be understandable (the things she was saying weren't, I just mean in general) but to lie and go behind your back.

    The fact that you went through her stuff shows some trust issues as it is, and that would warrant a break up even without her actions. But she justified the trust issues. Break up with her. You don't need to hell. Get angry, just leave her. If you get emotional and start a fight she's going to try and talk you into staying


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  • Honestly it sounds like if she would be left alone with him

    For one second, she's going to cheat on you... she doesn't

    Sound faithful at all to me, its kind of obvious she has

    Feelings for him... I say break it off before she cheats on you

    "Physical" because she's already cheating on you "emotionally"

  • You gave her a second chance. She screwed up again. Walk away.

    You deserve better than someone who's always going to create doubt and uncertainty in your mind.

  • In my opinion you should breake up with her because that is what I would do if I was in your position. But you shouldn't let others decid for you I don't know you or her well enough:) but from what your saying it seems like her ex really meant a lot to her and she's still not over him. And to be honest if she really wanted to be over him she is going about it the wrong way. When you talk to your ex about the past and compare it to the feauture that's not putting out the fires or getting over the past that sounds like they want to get back together especially when he tells her he's not happy . And even when you told her to stop talking to him and she still does that make it seem even more like she's interested in him.


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  • You've been dating 6 months and he dumped her 3 months ago?

    Nothing about that sentence sounds wrong to you?

    • meant to say broke up with her 3 months before we started dating

  • You did the right thing by ending the relationship. The only mistake you made was taking her back. Her behavior isn't going to change; surely you must see that by now.

  • The problem is her ex - not her so much.

    It's hard to let go of feelings for someone, even if they didn't work out; think quitting cigarettes or booze.

    You are not talking about renewed sexual activities, just talk, even flirting at worse, e.g. "not the same" to make someone feel better.

    She seems to have kicked the habit for now

    He will certainly find someone sexual, thus quit trying to find easy sex

    So I say ride this ride until it quits on you but keep your eyes open in case you need a replacement someday.


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