True off my chest: I mindfucked myself for 5 years

This is just my personal drama, I have to get this off my chest...going through a divorce at 23 has totally wrecked me. And rebuilt me....

Letter to My Ex

Letter to My Ex Dear, Mr. Lying Deceiving Piece of Pure Shit EX of Mine I Wish Things were Different Granted, I now understand what...

An open letter to my ex.

It's been months since we broke up. I've been looking back at the times when we we're still happy together, and how you loved me. You...

A Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

As many of you know, my ex-girlfriend and I met here on GAG and are both once again members after a short hiatus. This myTake is a...

I dumped him for being sensitive.

He was crying because of financial losses, hardships and his friends betrayed him. And instead of being a man, he became a little boy in...

How my exes made me become a good girl gone bad

I used to believe in love. I used to believe in happy endings. All l ever given them was love. I did the best I can, given everything,...

Why would a guy I ghosted, ghost me back after finally replying?

I was talking to a guy who i just felt wasn't listening to me or respecting what i had to say so i just ghosted him. After months of him...

Is it normal to miss an ex?

If so, what do I do about it?

Why do women these days cheat on their husbands around age 35?

I've seen it time and time again. Also in my personal life. Seems like between age 35-40 married women seem to throw monogamy out the...

End of relationship?

What's the best way to get over a girl that played you and you fell in love with

Broke up with my boyfriend but still feel guilty about it?

I’m going to try to keep things short. We’ve been together for two years and I really do love him but we’ve been fighting a lot. It’s...

My ex girlfriend deleted some photos of me on IG but left some tucked away. An also hasn’t deleted pics of us on Facebook. has been 30 days?

The photos left are group pictures of others but you can tell we’re a couple in the pictures all dressed up.

Why partners can't be honest when they brake up?

Why do people keep saying : I don't know, Things just happen, We can be friends... And never answer any direct questions?

Is it bad to have considered dumping your SO?

I love my boyfriend so much, but I have considered dumping him in the past (he could never hang out/always canceled). He is much better...

Why was I called to help?

After 4 years if dating and 7 months engaged my girlfriend broke up with me because she didn't feel like we'd make it with our religious...

Should I give a change to my Ex Boyfriend?

Last 3 days ago, I've decided to break up with my boyfriend. I go out from the house we lived together while my boyfriend is away in the...

Do I have to delete nudes after we break up?

My ex says now that we are broken up I have to delete all the nudes of her. I don't agree with her and tell her that as long as I don't...

Would you dump/divorce your gf/wife/bf/husband, if she/he gets fat and ugly? The youtube video is about a man wanting to cheat on ( /dump ) his partner for her being fat and so many...

Is it still love?

Is it a girl want to get back or the the girl only want us to remember her. After a long time, she will try to contact us.

I need your honest opinion in order to know where I stand on right or on wrong?

. in regards to child support should it stay or should it go?