I’m in love with someone who HATES me?

hey y’all 💁🏽‍♀️
so i recently started working overnights at my current job and i met this guy. we clicked from the start, we started hanging out all day and all night cause we worked alongside each other. i was his first female encounter, i took his virginity, everything. sh*t was amazing i’ve never been happier my whole life.
only problem was i was still in a relationship with my ex at that time and the guy from my job kept pressing for a relationship and i’d hit him with the “i’m not ready”. i was getting ready to leave my ex for him when he found out and now he hates me.

i’m still in love with him and he will not even acknowledge my existence, i’ve tried everything. approached him numerous times and i’m just ignored, left notes on his car, made textfree numbers.. i see him every night of the week and i have anxiety attacks all the time. i’m losing sleep and weight because of this guy. HELP!

i would just get over him but i have so much optimism 🤦🏽‍♀️ maybe i’m just naive as h*ll.
I’m in love with someone who HATES me?
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