Your Online Dating Profile Sucks!


I haven't used online dating as often I used to, but when I do, there's some things I see constantly that discourage me from ever contacting a lady. Particularly, the lack of innovation disappoints me when a person describes their interests. So here's a list of frequently seen interests which are quite underwhelming:

1. You like food

No shit, so does my cat. Every living thing needs to food to survive. Therefore, you raving about your love for food is as special as me describing how much I love to breathe. What's impressive is being skilled at making food; it's impressive if you own a restaurant, to give some examples. I knew you liked food before I saw your profile.

Your Online Dating Profile Sucks

2. You like to travel

I hope. The only guy I knew that didn't like to travel was Stoop Kid, from Hey Arnold!, and he was fictional. If you didn't like to go on vacations, then I would question your sanity as a human being. The only thing I think when I see that a girl likes to travel is, "I have expensive hobbies," which isn't necessarily fair, but raving about travel catalyzes my gut to feel that way anyways.

Your Online Dating Profile Sucks!

3. You like music/movies

Duh. I've never heard anyone go into a night club and be like, "ew, there's music here, we should leave;" or when asked to go to a movie say, "no, thanks for the offer, but I don't watch movies." We know you like entertainment; it's implied by the fact that you're human.

Your Online Dating Profile Sucks!

4. You want to have sex (guys)

I don't frequent men's profiles on online dating sites since I exclusively like the ladies. However, if it's anything like GAG, I imagine that some men post some innappropriate sexual content on them. Everyone knows guys want to have sex. Statistics of porn viewership support this fact. Women know that too. They get creepy stares and messages on a regular basis. Therefore, we should let them try and figure out just how much we like sex instead of putting all of our cards on the table or scaring them off with our creepiness.

Your Online Dating Profile Sucks!

5. You want a relationship (girls)

I do frequent ladies profiles though, and a lot of them have a spiel describing their standards, in detail. Some even write a description of their ideal guy (or tell you not to talk to them if you meet certain criteria). When most guys see an exhaustive list like that they don't think, "wow, she really knows what she wants." They probably think, "this girl seems unreasonable and entitled." In fact, such spiels likely do more to repel your ideal man than attract him.

Your Online Dating Profile Sucks!

Don't be generic, market yourself like corporate America during the holiday season. I imagine your solicitations will be much better received. Happy holidays!

Your Online Dating Profile Sucks!
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  • nalaa
    You'd be surprised how many people geniunly don't like to travel. Don't assume from yourself to others

    And I agree some girls have ridiculously long lists of standards on their profiles, but you know when you want a relationship and you get 10 messages like "wanna hook up" or "u horny?" a day, I don't think mentioning you're looking for commitment is a bad idea

    And you forgot one, the " looking for a nice girl/guy" or "Been hurt a lot before" or "are there no good men/women left?" ...
    You're bitter and sad, no one cares
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    • I agree completely with, "are there no good men/women left?". This shows they are having huge issues with the opposite gender that they need to resolve before dating.

    • elew4too

      Thank you for introducing me to the concept that some people don't like to travel. I haven't met such people; but if you say they exist, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. And I agree that looking for commitment isn't bad, but saying specifying your ideal man by the centimeter isn't helping in that effort, is my point.

    • Travelling takes a lot of planning and is just a few days for at least 25-40% if not more of my total monthly wage, it's honestly just not worth it for me.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    I agree with all of your points, especially the one about travel. If I see a profile with a picture of a woman standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, I assume "high maintenance" and go on to the next profile.
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  • Starfishlover
    My profile normally starts off like this:
    "IF YOU F****ERS ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP, DON'T YOU DARE COME TO ME! If I don't wanna give you my number or facebook, take it and stop asking!"

    Something like that :P
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    • and usually I go right past those type. that is understood. Men know that women get up to 75% bullshit emails online. Putting that down just turns most of us off.

    • elew4too

      See, if I were trying to cheat, and I saw that, I would be even more tempted to hit you up. I would see it as more of a challenge than discouragement. Guys that actually sympathize with such a point of view may just say "next" as illustrated by @godfatherfan. I feel your sentiment about not wanting a guy to cheat though. It's very justifiable. Framing is crucial though

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  • Mesonfielde
    I primarily agree with the fifth one! While you should specify that you're not interested in flings, and if flings are all you're looking for then you are looking for it in the bad place; but when they specify "the ideal guy is this, this, this, this and this; and what I want in a man is this, this, this" then I think "wow what a sexist stuck-up arrogant entitled b***h"
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  • SilenRose
    I disagree with this whole thing. I see no problem in people listing these things.

    #1 - If someone mentions they like food I automatically believe they are a foodie and enjoy trying new foods. Believe it or not there are people who don't like trying new foods.

    #2- Expensive hobby? Anyone who says this makes me think they're trying to find an excuse to just stay home. When I did online dating I purposely looked for guys who enjoy traveling as much as I do because I don't want to be with someone who is content watching the world from their living room versus getting out their and experiencing it for themselves.

    #3- Once again not everyone enjoys certain types of entertainment. The only issue I would find with this is if they aren't specific since it's a general statement. Obviously everyone has a preference in music and movie genres. I love music as well but I primarily listen to house music and punk rock. I love movies but I mainly watch horror, comedies, and action movies. I remember reading a guys profile and him mentioning that he only listens to top 40 mainstream music. That's cool but obviously we would have issues when I'm playing my music. I need to be with someone who either likes or respects my choice in music.

    #4- I respect guys more who are upfront about what they want rather then hiding it. If a guy purely wants sex then I know to stay away. If he is expecting sex after a certain amount of time then that is also a no. It helps save both our times from being wasted.

    #5- Nothing wrong with this unless it's super detailed (i. e. Don't contact unless your name starts with a "D" and you have blue eyes and blonde hair). When dating you learn what you like and don't like. This carries on to when you look for your next SO. So of course you want to avoid running into the same person. They only bad thing about being overly descriptive of what you want is that you basically gave a guide book to a guy who's aim is to get you, bed you, and then dump you. So you have to be careful about that. Same can be said about guys in a different manner.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    But what if I really do like music and movies? I mean, I'd rather truthfully post the things I like than come up with an elaborate clickbait profile just to lure someone in only to disappoint them later on.
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    • elew4too

      Which movies do you like? How do you appreciate music? Most people enjoy movies and music, but what can your joy for movies and music tell me about your personality? If you can answer that question, it's all good.

    • Well I didn't meant to imply that I would simply post "I like movies" and "I like music". Of course not. I'd specify.

    • Mailo

      Simply when you specify the type of music like for instance "I like country music" you are indirectly helping the other person to know about your preferences in order to find the perfect match.
      Its also considred as a backward correspondence-learning process in which we avoid all these long boring talks that involves binary questions and answers (somehow it sounds like police interrogation but inside a restaurant)

  • truthhammer
    online dating sucks. decent looking girls think they are way hotter due to online dating not having a lot of attractive people

    online is still for people who aren't good with people face to face.

    i get way more numbers and dates irl... and being Asian doesn't help online. they dont know if i grew up in north america or some dude straight off the boat.
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    • elew4too

      Yeah, I totally agree. Discrimination even found it's way in to online dating somehow. Real life is the way to do it.

    • One of the things I hate the most is, which I do as well, is how it's even more competitive due to multi dating. Without sounding hypocritical, it's almost necessary to multi date off dating sites because you can't just think you're the only one your date is seeing/talking to. The thing about it is, women have their pick of the litter easier than men. And I'm not shaming women, that's just the way it is. I've had hookups and flings from dating sites but no legit relationship.

    • @bloodmountain1990 you have to. these girls are dating a few at a time but never run out of men to choose from. girls tell me then get hundreds a day sometiems (messages) online dating is terrbiel for a mans self esteem... and its degrading to compete with 500 other dudes while making a 6 feel like she's a 9. internet doesn't work and a lot of people use it to find fuck buddys... my buddy who looks like a lumberjack with his beard gets pure sluts on their lol for me, i m Asian lol i got more to prove and real life is a beter platform for me.

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  • — "Your Online Dating Profile Sucks!"

    Too bad I don't actually have a dating profile.

    — "If you didn't like to go on vacations, then I would question your sanity as a human being."

    Not everyone thinks like this. I like travelling, but I don't like long voyages. I'd rather stay home during a vacation and have fun than be on the road for five days to be somewhere for like a week. And some people just prefer spending their free time where they live. Nothing wrong with that. That doesn't make you insane.

    — "I've never heard anyone go into a night club and be like, "ew, there's music here, we should leave;" or when asked to go to a movie say, "no, thanks for the offer, but I don't watch movies.""

    Yes, but this isn't about just generally enjoying something. For some people music is just something casual, for others their lives revolve around it. This is part of their personality and this is something that they should mention.
    And about the meme: everyone has different tastes. I'm not saying I like Flo Rida, but their taste in music isn't worth any less because they like his stuff.

    — "You want to have sex (guys)"

    Oh, come on. Women want sex just as much as men.

    — "Everyone knows guys want to have sex."

    So do girls.

    — "You want a relationship (girls)"

    Oh, don't men want a relationship now?
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  • Dragonstarterplus
    Another annoying thing women do (and probably men) is they have pictures but they're only from the neck up. Sure fat people do this, but I've seen skinny people do it as well and they don't even seem to realize they posted 6 pictures all from the same angle of their head
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  • Kira88
    Hahaha awesome take, really funny and very true. Interesting is much more exciting then everyday boring. I hate small talk so I always make it interesting, I'd rather be called werid then boring.
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    • Exactly. I tend to avoid messaging girls whose profiles are exactly like everyone else's.

  • Azara
    i disagree., if sex is really important he should say so.

    if she nows what she wants right it.

    people should scare away people who are not up to dealing with them.

    everyone figures out how to crafty lie.. by the time you meet its not the person you're expecting. i think triple honesty is good and people should just deal with it. instead of wasting time trying to feel delicate.
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  • oddwaffle
    I love food. However, I only like good food. There are a ton of bad tasting food around, for example: average fast food. I can cook and I do own a restaurant. I know my meat. Bad tasting meat is horrible.

    I don't like to travel. Okay, I do but not that much. In fact I travelled because someone took me along and I ignored most of the sights. I prefer gaming or maybe reading a book. Introvert and all that.

    Music for and movies. I only like a specific type of music not random fillers and I don't watch movies or TV.
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    • elew4too

      This is my point, you specify, which is good. Some people keep it so vague.

    There was a study done in online dating when it comes to money by a male gager.

    It showed that whites were on top in dating and for a minority such as a black, or Asian man to get the same amount of attention as a white candidate that they would have had to make well over 100k+ more dollars than their white male counterpart.
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    • elew4too

      Lol! I'm not surprised. I shut down OKCupid and PoF because the discrimination looked pretty blatant once I looked at the results of my inbox. For every 10, thoughtful, personalized, non-sexual messages I would send a white woman, maybe 1 would get responded to, if that. Usually, the response would be short. On the other hand, I'd say 9/10 of messages sent to black women were responded to. Even if I was shut down, I at least had a chance to converse. That's why I only mess with Tinder and Hinge now, I don't like taking so many shots in the dark, wasting my time.

    • Mailo

      It's pretty obvious that money for women occupies at least %50 of relationship success recipe

  • heavensgift2girls
    One thing I have noticed is that men tend to put our minimum requirements of what we want in a partner. We are typically not willing to settle for less. Women on the other hand describe their dream guy, but are willing to settle for much less. Unless she specifically posts that she is not willing to settle for less. So men post requirements, but women are posting dreams. This makes women seem far more picky in the eyes of men, because we assume they are also posting their minimum requirements as well. I think a lot of the complaining guys have about women having unrealistic expectations, comes from this misunderstanding with online profiles.
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    • ThePostMan

      Very well said and I completely agree with you.

    • It sounds reasonable, but no women have upvoted the concept, so I have doubts.

    • And then they complain about how they can't find anyone. For me, there's no such thing as a dream girl or perfect girl. I don't expect a girl to like the same exact things as me anyway, it'd be boring.

  • queenmariereigns
    online dating sucks in general lol. im never doing that again
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    • elew4too

      Why did it suck so bad for you?

  • Entity
    My dating profiles, all of them, declare anyone who elects to talk to me has something seriously wrong with them. I say horrible things about myself on purpose. I tell the raw truth. I still get matches. ._.
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  • sean1234
    I've been on many dating sites. Unfortunately, the only way for the ladies to contact me is to either lie or don't say anything at all because if I tell the truth, I usually get no responses.
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    • Telling the truth about what gets you no responses?

    • sean1234

      @bunsnrose82 Whatever. Politics, homosexuality, tattoos... big things. It's subjects you would never usually bring up so soon, BUT if it's things you 2 would never agree on, odds ore you would end up breaking up because of it later.

    • sean1234

      I wouldn't necessarily say I got no responses though, but none compared to others. I literally got NO real responses. Not like there were girls I really liked anyways on those sites.

  • bloodmountain1990
    I agree with this take. If I had a dollar for every bland profile I came across, I'd be a fucking millionaire. I can't count how many times where I've seen a girl have generic listings like her interest would be food, outdoors, music, movies, books, and most of all the annoying Netflix or Netflix and chill.

    What's even more annoying is when girls have nothing on their profile and just say ask or I'm not good at talking about myself but I will not respond to just hey or what's up? I mean I think a message should have more than hey or what's up of course but I'm very hesitant to message a girl who has nothing on her profile or keep talking to a girl who can't add to the conversation to save her life regardless of how attractive she is.
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    • Listing Netflix as an interest is like listing Youtube as an interest.

    • Bottom line is generic profiles get generic messages for the most part I'd imagine.

  • ArtDent
    For a woman "I am independent"

    Good, you don't need me around then.
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  • Dan2287
    My profile is extremely generic and bland. But my photos say everything. I have pictures of me doing the things im interested in - of my accomplishments - and of things I'm passionate about. When a woman is browsing a ton of profiles I think the pictures can do more than an 'about me' section. I say 'if you're interested send me a message or a wink' and if I get either and am interested I will message them back. I haven't had to do any browsing on my own.

    I've tried writing a great profile and didn't have as much luck
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    • I feel like I've gotten more luck on tinder with little info as possible and only a few pictures as opposed to other dating sites where I have more pictures and more info about me.

    • Dan2287

      @bloodmountain1990 interesting. I hated tinder, but they weren't my kind of girls for the most part. I have way more luck on match - more people actually looking for a relationship

    • My friend tried match. com. He said it's way better than any of the free dating sites/apps. I've met a lot of attractive women on tinder who have seemingly been into me only for them to flake shortly afterwards. I'm too old for this mind game shit.

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  • TheSpartan
    If you're a man, your online dating profile will always suck. The most you can do is make it suck less.
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    • You know what's funny. Most of the times the girl has sent the first message to me, it has only been hey or hi. Very few times have their first messages been something to related to what's on my profile or a common interest.

  • beautiful_secret_
    well i guess thee things watching in other's profile is really fun
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