A Few Things Women Can Only Get Away With If Their Hot

A Few Things Women Can Only Get Away With If Their Hot

"Calling me after midnight when we aren't dating is rude"

Really? You act like calling you is a privilege which it's not and you acting like it is doesn't make me anymore inclined to believe it is. If you're hot to guy then this makes sense. if your biggest asset is on the inside than you may want to ease up.

"All you do is ask to hangout"

Yeap. The majority of guys are not going to give you the benefit of getting to know you through endless phone calls and sweet gestures from afar. We want to get our hands on ya and we want it relatively quick. Doesn't mean we're not into you...it could mean that. But often unless you're gorgeous to us we aren't going to expend a ton of effort up front...and that's the way it is. accept it and keep it pushin

"my ex..."

only a truly idiotic male stays around with a girl who he literally knows still communicates with her ex. If you're really hot he'll jump through burning hot hoops of fire for you but for the rest of you gals either don't talk to your exes or don't let us know about it.

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