It Isn't Just Puppy Love, It's Lifelong Knowledge (Teenage Dating)

When we were young children each and every experience was new to us and crucial in our development.

If not for the information we learned early on from our loved ones, peers and teachers, we'd be at an extreme disadvantage as we age.

Many people take for granted the fact that they can walk, speak, write, read, and feed themselves. If we were not stimulated by our environment our brain would have simply degenerated, and we would not reach the fully capacity of our human development.

Some people consider teenage dating useless because they see the relationships being short-lived. A person changes so much throughout adulthood, this leaves little chances for a relationship to survive earlier on; especially at a point where the human brain isn't fully developed.

The brain reaches its full capacity of development at age 25.

Recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently.

Adults think with the prefrontal cortex.

This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. (( Read more ))

Teens process information with the amygdale.

This is the emotional part.

Just because a teenager may be doing "adult actions" such as hooking-up does not make them fully mature.

Although, I am in favor of science I will not completely agree with the above outlook and call teenage relationships "useless". Every relationship we make in life whether it be a friend, co-worker, significant other, parent/child relationship, etcetera benefits us in some way.

All relationships we create with others better equips us for how we will handle future relationships.

We may make bad decisions and hurt the very people that we love (at some point), but ultimately we will learn from it.

Just like it's crucial for young children to form relationships with their peers and teachers , it's just as important for teenagers to form relationships with others.

It benefits them and aids in their development as a whole.

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  • Totally agree with you. Love should definitely be tried out at a young age so we know how it works and we're better equipped in the future. Relationships are only short if we let them be so.

    • Nope sometimes u have no choice but to let a relationship in but mostly argee

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    • @skykidx1 veeery negative view on this, haven't you met just as many teens dating properly and not just sleeping around?

      @readallaboutit he's right tho, it only takes 1 person for a split to happen, altho maybe you were referring to how there needs to be a 2 person relationship in the first place?

    • Even if its a 2 person relationship things change.. and no sadly not i only met very few young teens looking for more then just sex. Like my best friend from ocer seas just turnrd 18 he's loyal wants more then sex but won't date any girl unless she looks like a model

Most Helpful Girl

  • I liked this myTake. :)
    Finally someone who doesn't see it as "riding the cock carousel"! 🙏
    [Sorry, I needed to say this due to all the posts (and not just in the comments section of this myTake) on this site bashing girls for having a relationship and god forbid, even try sex with other dudes than the "nice guys" of this site.]


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  • A lot of "Science" are just biased, misleading, or completely false. It's difficult to actually find peer-reviewed, and credible research.

    I read one study which says male brains develop by 25, and female brains develop by 21(I actually believe that one more-Just look at the people on this website). I don't think people change much after they hit their 20's to be honest.

    So, I agree-Teenage dating isn't useless. If anything, it's beneficial. I remember raging as a teenager because girls rejected me, and I was actually depressed about it in my senior year of high school.

  • Interesting Take. I agree with your point when you say that teenage relationships are not useless. I mean, I'm still a teenager so my opinion doesn't really matter to that, but I have grown up being tought by me mum that any form of relationship with the opposite gender, friends or otherwise, is useless and looked down upon. I currently have a girlfriend, but things are slightly difficult because of me mum.

    • I think your mom's fear of irresponsible sex , possible stds and teen pregnancy influences those thoughts.

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    • I agree with you completely. But like I said, my mum believes that any form relationship, even friendship, with a girl should be looked down upon in teen years.

    • Wow, got to say I really disagree with that.

  • i think its beautiful. if a relationship starts from teens or even childhood and continues into adulthood. jelly af of those who have it

  • I take both stands I see them as useless but neccassry relationships. They won't last no but they help you learn life lessons. What you like what you dislike. Even to say what you want in a relationship and add onto those things as you get older.

  • Kind of contradicts the common woman advice of "wait and your "love" will come to you. I KNOW how incredibly important teenage love is, which is denied to many men. The 80% of women go for minority guys was actually based on a study in an American school. It was incorrectly generalised to the population, but it's nice indication of what men face at this age (the stereotypical jocks and cheerleaders shit) when men miss this period, it becomes difficult for life. One of the reasons I have no time for crap, passive, Disney advice. One of the reasons I advocate prozzies and one of the reasons why I get the shits with delusional advice. Like "nice guys get the girl in the end". No they don't! You get some that do, but the majority missed the skills to get women when they were growing up. So yeah, fully agree with you on this one.

  • Most teenagers don't have enough empathy to have relationships that are actually functional. That's why it's an adult thing.

    • Adults can be selfish as well.
      I think experience is great it doesn't matter when it starts.

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    • I've been in the same relationship since 19.

    • I don't think you should group 20 some things together. There's a big difference between a 20 year old and someone 25-29 in maturity

  • I argee if i had dated when i was younger then i would have known how to deal with my ex girlfriend super controling parents who ended up forcing us apart. I have dated 2 girls since then and learned so much... more so how to deal with my girlfriend parents no matter what their reasons are for not likeing me. While i feel dating is pointless unless its for love.. i now feel you should explore in chance you have even with someone u got a small crash on or like as a perosn2.

  • Thats a wast of time.

  • Once again another article baahing me for being excluded from everyone else. Thank you :-( not!..

  • Why did I click this thinking it was a South Park mytake

    • I can't help you there bro. Nothing comes to mind on why.

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    • Lol, took a while but u got it

    • The reason why is that there was another mytake with a south park picture and I tried clickin that but must've clicked this one

  • never had it and never will, probably

  • I know

  • When I was 16 . I knew love didn't exist in that age.

  • My wife is still in her teens so I wouldn't say puppy love. If you want a wife but all the apples left are rotten in the barrel the instead pick the apple fresh off the branch


    So in other words this article is encouraging slooting and women to ride the cock carousel and trying to convince men that they should be ok and normal process for his girl to get dicked by 20+ guys then come to him in the end when she ready to settle down.

    Also people change in preference isn't really them changing it's just their wants and needs change. Teen love is pure. The girl and guy wants you for you and not materialistic possession.

    Adult love is not pure. There is always some underhanded reason for why someone wants to be with you.

    • No, I didn 't say any of that you went way out of field.
      A teen relationship can be two virgins together.
      It's still a relationship isn't it?
      I didn't discuss any sexual things in article. You're speaking about promiscuity which is a completely different topic. It's a lifestyle that isn't ok for anyone in my opinion due to the increased rate of stds.

  • its bullshit knopwledge. none of it is needed to have a successful marriage. on the contrary it is damaging in the longterm. but hoes gonna rationalize hoeing i guess... .

    • It's not needed but more experience is always beneficial.

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    • i disagree mytakeowner. i''m a psychiatrist and i only see broken girls coming to me today, in the day of sexual "freedom". broken in mind and body. damaged, desensitised and frustrated towards relationships and confused. nothing beneficial came from it.

What Girls Said 4

  • I agree with you for the most part, and I've been in a few relationships, but for me, I'm not interested in dating any high school age teenagers because they're just too immature.

    • Haven't found a single one up to your definition of mature? That's a little hard to believe so I'm curious what your standard for maturity is?

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    • Come on, you're not crazy, more like you're absolutely sane :) . Mebbe a little too sane, I disagree slightly with being able to regulate and keep emotions in check, since we're teenagers for crying out loud, sometimes it just gets too hard. However, I absolutely love the thought and effort you've put into your reply, and I completely agree with everything else too. You've NOW answered my question about what maturity means to you and what you look for, so thanks!
      Are these unrealistic to expect from teenage boys? Not at all, I can do all of them except occasionally the emotions bit and of course the humility, those two are the hardest.

    • @RedVulcan Haha thanks :) maybe I'll write a take on it now 😝
      That's really good you can do most of them! I feel you about the regulating emotions and humility part though lol.

  • I think teens should dating so you know what its toxic, what is your limits in a relationship and when to be strong and walk away. First relationships that end most of us are a mess but having that experience makes you stronger when a other relationship ends in your life.

    • Plus I'm kinda tired with some people mentality that couples should last forever. You don't have to last with people just saying if I could had last forever with my last ex I would had regret it and hated it.

  • Sometimes it's beneficial, but not always. Sometimes grades can drop or it can fuck with them mentally and is too much for their young minds to deal with right now... being a teen is hard enough emotionally, it's horrible with the hormones, sometimes relationships can make that worse for them.

    • There's no such thing as one size fits all (as much as we'd like that to be true). A relationship can be too much for an adult because they aren't emotionally ready despite being fully developed mentally.
      I just think every relationship we form is an experience and teaches us whether we gain a good or bad outcome from it.

    • That's true. There are always exceptions to every rule. Especially with people, we all vary so much. I know some adults are not emotionally equipped to, but teen brains are a minefield as it is, without any extra added stress.
      I do think developing and learning to develop relationships is very important though, whatever happens in these relationships whether they be friendly or romantic, can help shape us for the future. Not romantically of course, but that's even why they say it's so important for babies to learn to be around other babies, kids and adults from a young age so that they can learn to form friendships and get that social development they need.

  • I believe that teenage dating should be tightly controlled and monitored.

    - No all-night outings
    - No outings at any time past sundown
    - All outings must be chaperoned by an adult older than 35 years of age
    - All outings must be chauffeured by an adult older than 35 years of age that can drive the vehicle safely and responsibly
    - If adult chauffeur and chaperone cannot be present, then the date must occur at one participant's house.

    • Why specifically age 35?

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    • I don't know but your response is full of stereotypes.
      Low sex drive because someone is mid thirties?
      smh... there's plenty of those well over thirty that fuck like jack rabbits.
      I agree with your comment just not the age. I feel someone can be ten years younger than that and still be able to chaperone teens (as they are a fully grown adult)

    • Dude wouldn't you be annoyed with someone being with you 24/7? I think this too extreme that's just my opinion.