Girls Should Pay The Bill On The First Date!

Girls Should Pay The Bill On The First Date!

Men and Women Are Equal

A surprisingly large amount of people still think a guy should pay, especially girls. This is so crazy and hypocritical. Most people think men and women are equal (rightfully so) yet they still think the guy has to pay for the first date. So on the basis of equality, the bill should be split.

Girls Are More Successful Than Guys

You see, the tradition of the guy paying on the first date is linked to a time when guys had to provide for girls. A lot of girls didn't work and were reliant on guys...therefore a date was sort of a guy treating a girl and providing for her. Now, society is equal (kinda). Guys and girls work, however young women earn more and are much more successful than young men. Yes, the success of men and women have reversed and now girls are the ones making more than guys. So, why should a guy still have to pay and why not the opposite...? Why don't girls pay for guys now. They have more money and better jobs, so why shouldn't they?

Dating Roles Have Completely Reversed

So this is going back to the previous point of how guys used to sort of provide for girls and stuff. Yes that's changed in relation to income and jobs but dating roles have also changed. Guys have become what girls used to be like and girls have become what guys used to be like. Girls are the ones avoiding relationships and leading guys on. Girls are the ones who are more sexual and promiscuous than guys are now. Girls are the ones cheating and breaking guys hearts. So guys and girls have reversed their this goes back to the first date. If guys are now girls and girls are now guys (metaphorically) then, going by the tradition of the guy paying, then, shouldn't GIRLS be the ones who pay the bill on the first date?

Thanks for reading. What do you think?


Most Helpful Girls

  • "Men and women are equal" so if that was true... why are
    "Women more successful" and "women should pay the bill"?

    First of all, men are more successful. Men earn more because more men choose higher payment jobs than women.

    Second, both of the people on the date need to AT LEAST offer to pay. I don't mind paying the bill, but I wouldn't date a guy who expected me to pay and didn't even offer to pay it.

    I hate to sound this way, but all this myTake is just really generalizing all girls to be the same nowdays. Guess what? We non-promiscuous girls exist too.

    And ALSO, you said the rules are getting reversed as if it was a guy's thing to cheat. Obviously not true.

    • Sry your information is outdated. Women earn more. Much more than men. But men are to stupid to get it. I work in marketing and see Facebook's data. Young women earn more then men. Of my friends the is only one where the guy earns more all of them have good jobs.

      And in cheating. For sure women cheat more with good guys. The looser boys stick with girls who cheat and forgive. 1 good guy has 10 girls 5 of them have a boyfriend. The losers have 1 girl which cheats.

      And of the good guy does not earn more than me

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    • @Katja9

      *Sorry not "sry
      * Too stupid not "to stupid"
      * Loser boys not "looser boys"

      "And of the good guy does not earn more than me"

      That makes no sense at all.

      If you want to insult people's intelligence learn how not to write like a retard yourself.

    • No problem homie 🥰

  • I always offer to split the bill on the first date and genuinely don't mind it, or I at least offer to pay for the next date if he insists on paying for the first. I think that's only fair in today's world and I think that those women who insist on having men pay are huge hypocrites.

    Dating roles haven't completely reversed and a lot of the things you're saying there are biased e. g. girls being the one being more promiscuous, leading guys on, cheating, avoiding relationships. That happens more today but they just do it as much as many guys do. Guys didn't stop doing those things.

    in my opinion guys aren't supposed to act like girls, and girls aren't supposed to act like guys. We should treat each other equally and be given the same opportunities, but we shouldn't be reversing the roles.

    • Girls are more promiscuous than guys and are cheaters. Most girls are like this. I am not like this so for me, it's unfair and most girls are monsters with no emotions or respect.

    • Women aren't more promicuous than men and statistically cheat about the same amount as men do. Most girls prefer a relationship, which is why a lot of guys lie to us and pretend to want more to try and get us to sleep with them. We aren't monsters.

    • I don't believe you. That sounds too good to be true.

Most Helpful Guys

  • What do I think? I think someone, or "someones" female, hurt you a lot!! I also KNOW, not "think", there are more misconceptions, false assumptions, outright lies and garbage in this post than a Trump speech! This could explain your screen name, "Lonely Guy". Holy crap, where to begin! How about this... who gives a shit who asks whom out, or who might earn more money (women do NOT earn more than men, not even for the identical job)? Unless the woman is filthy rich and asks you somewhere you obviously can't afford, wouldn't you want to make a good impression and pick up the tab? If YOU ask a girl out and she accepts, are you thinking.. "cool, I only have to pay for myself"? You're one cheap son of a bitch and you're trying to lay it off on "social changes", like the bullshit statements that girls lead men on, are more promiscuous, cheat more and break hearts more? I'd wager if you get ANY first dates at all, you don't get any second ones !! Get your head out of Instagram and learn how to be a gentleman and treat a lady. True, there are plenty of girls who aren't ladies (yet), but if you pick one of them and make a mistake, what did it cost you... lunch? Coffee? You're going to be a lonely guy for a long time if you distrust ALL women that much!

    • Women aren't ladies anymore so why should I treat them as if they are?

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    • 🤣🤣 Made my day

    • And you my guy are gonna die alone. Peace ✌️

  • Dating roles have not reversed. But I d agree women should pay more often. They should always offer to pay their share, if not the entire bill.

    The fact is most women say one thing but do another when it comes to this issue. Most of them on the internet say they offer to split the bill but that is far from reality, and most of them still judge a man harshly if he actually accepts their offer and won't go on another date with him.

    THAT is what needs to change. Women need to stop being such tremendous hypocrites on the subject of gender equality.

    • I agree. Too many girls are hypocrites when it comes to equal right. However, I disagree with you in saying that dating roles have not reversed. I think they have.

    • Nah, dating roles haven't reversed. Not even close.

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What Girls Said 79

  • For me, it isn’t about money/who pays. Essentially I want a “poor kind of love”. This doesn’t mean I want to be poor or that I’m okay with a “cheap” person. I just want to know that if my partner and I fall on hard times financially, we can still have fun together without spending money.

    I want a partner in life. That being said, I don’t mind paying for a date. Take turns, etc.

  • Is this a freaking joke?
    Am I being punked?

  • I think since it is a first date, it would be most fair and neutral for the bill to be split. That way if one party does not have a good time, they don't have to be upset about paying for a date they don't see a future with. Also, I think this would prevent some of the stigma that comes with a man paying and a woman feeling like she needs to compensate with sexual favors - which is often implied by men.

    • Girls fuck on the first date because they are horny and like sex - not to please men. Get your facts right.

    • You can't speak for every woman - nor can I. But, I know multiple women who have felt pressured to have sex on the first date. No need to be angry and act like you know women's experiences when you never could.

  • I respectfully disagree. What I prefer is both parties paying their own and split the bill? Why? Because I take the first date as a getting to know you kind of thing. Like, we are friends on the first date. I don't expect anything drop down romantic or chivalrous, just be a decent person and ill be like "hmm maybe this could lead somewhere" I hate having to worry about what to get and when should I ask who's paying? If he REALLY wants too, I'll let him. Even a movie date, I payed for snacks and he payed for tickets. But that's just me. And of course if we get together he's more than welcome to pay if he really wants to, but i love paying for a meal or a date for him to make him feel loved too. I bought my boyfriend a whole prime rib dinner at a really nice steakhouse just because i wanted to spoil him a bit. It really depends on the type of person you are.

    This doesn't have to do with role reversal or girls are becoming men in relationships. Its that women don't have to rely on men to treat them to everything. We make our own money, so there's no reason for us not to spoil our partner here and there. Men gotta feel like appreciated too you know! Lol

  • Dating roles have not completely reversed - because they weren't hard and fast roles or "rules" to begin with. Plus, not all dates are between a man and a woman.

    Globally, women still earn less than men, and men typically seek women who make less money than they do. (One can argue that the wage gap is not because of sexism, but it is undeniable that there is still a gap.)

    My personal feeling is that the two people going on the date should discuss and decide how they want to handle paying for dates, and do what works for them. For some people that's going to be splitting the bill, or one person picks up the tab this time and then it's the other person's turn the next time. And in some circumstances it might be the situation where the one with the higher income, or greater financial success, pays for the dates because the other person really can't, and they decide being together is more important than worrying about being perfectly 50/50.

    The only rule is that both people agree, no one tries to get greedy or hurt the other one, and they conduct their relationship however is most comfortable for them.

    I'm very much in favor of trying to keep things balanced in a relationship, where both people feel like they are getting a lot out of it, and neither person feels used or taken advantage of. But between two people, that can look a lot of different ways.

    You have these absolute ideas about women and dating that don't reflect the reality of how normal people go about dating and finding love. Get yourself out of your lonely, angry little butthurt imagination and actually meet and get to know some women like they are normal human beings. The way you speak about women makes it seem like we are an alien species that just landed here to fuck up your life. That's not reality.

    Go make some female friends. Get to know us. We are very much not what you keep thinking we are.

  • I Completely 100% disagree with virtually everything you wrote.

    • Alright. You're entitled to your own opinion, no matter how incorrect it is. No worries.

    • Through this exercise of yours, I think you’ll find my opinion is more prevalent than you had hoped. but that’s what G@G was created for. Good luck to you in your dating travails

  • I have to ask, where the FUCK are your facts for women earning more then men? Are you just pulling that out of your ass? Where are your studies and sources and statistics.

    Dating roles have not reversed. Thats a broad assumption of 8+ billion people, kiddo.

    Overall you sound like some dude who got his heart stomped on by some girl and are taking it out by assuming stuff about all women in general. Stop it.

  • I've always been someone who likes to split the bill. I don't pay no one's meal until we agree to be in a serious relationship. I hope for the other person to feel same way I do, and I don't want him to pay for me but neither want him to expect me to pay all. We are dating to meet each other, not to have a free meal and use other people as a wallet.

  • So I guess you didn't go to a psychologist as were adviced to...

  • I think that the guy should pay for the date. Maybe I'm a bit classic here, but I like the idea of the guy asking the girl out then paying for the date.

    • Because you have class/ taste. Expect more and you get more.

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What Guys Said 92

  • Guys compete more for Girls than the other way around, so good luck getting them to pay as a rule on the first date.

  • Your ideas do not comport with the real world. You can insist that any girl who dates you follow y our rules, if you want. Please report back to us 6 months from now and tell us how that is working for you.

  • Umm no. The reason behind those double standards is because of biology. Men aren't punished by mother nature as much as women. Just accept it. Men in on average are paid higher than women for goodness sake so don't be selfish. We don't need more males rights activist.

    • Women aged 20-30 earn more than men of the same age. What "biology" are you talking about? Guys and Girls are perfectly equal the way I see it so no, girls should pay on the first date, or at least split the bill.

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    • @Tyme1313 Also, majority of males are agreeing with me. I'm being biased with that general opinion but that doesn't change anything. You don't care you're selfish then good for you just like feminists don't care they're bitches.

    • You don't even have to go with women who demand men to pay. No body's forcing you but you only have to go with her so that you can have sex with her. That's playing.

  • Society has gone nuts. Men pay for all dates. It's an affront to the male ego to have a girl offer to pay.

    • Male ego? Yeah well girls cheat and are more promiscuous than guys are so men's egos flew out the window long ago.

    • The question had nothing to do with cheating. It had to do with what one learns in Prep School etiquette class, like men pay for dates, men hold the chair for his date, men help the girl on with her coat and open the door for her. I learned all that 65 years ago and my 15 year old grandson learned it in his Prep School, too, and is still required to take classes, at 15.

  • Your generalization doesn't make sense. Just because young women in general might be more successful doesn't mean the girl who is sitting across the table from you is doing better than you financially.

    I don't understand why people can't just do a 50-50 split (regardless of who ate more). People are so stingy these days.

  • LOL all the hate from the Pink Anons.. Just proves that women can be FAR more sexist than men at times.

  • Men also are hypocritical lol. People only want equality in the areas they deem convenient. Both sexes. It’s not just women.

  • If i make up the plan to take anyone for meal, then i'll pay. If she's making the plan then she should pay.

    The person who ( brings up/ suggests/ asks out for) the meal has to pay.

    The person who asks out for the date has to pay.

    If a girl is makinfg the plan , then i am enough self-respecting to (at least*) pay my bill.

    Dating is not a part of our culture and i dont even support it. People do it. Let them do. That's what i think.

    End of the discussion for me.

  • I am not in the dating world, but when I go on lunch dates with female friends, I never expect them to pay. There is no reason they should pay unless she is the host or that was the condition she insisted on. Even then, I have tricked on paying all of myself because I just don't feels right. Again, just cultural.

    The only thing I don't pay for is alcohol.

    • You are not in the dating world, splitting the bill with Friends, male or female is always the appropriate action.

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    • Lol, then yes we are in roughly the same situation. Then you aren't spending money on dates, so my saving money not paying for others should put us right on par.

    • @Tyme1313 I'm glad we came to the same conclusion. All's well that ends well. Haha.

  • I agree

    I'm a prize that isn't deserved to just anyone

    • This is the attitude of almost every female - where's the equality?

    • Ikr

      I can't believe i got a thumbs down by some pink account

      the hypocrisy

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