Why I'm Against Feminism (And How This Negatively Impacts Me When It Comes To Dating Men)


For someone who does not support feminism, it is VERY COMPLICATED living in a society where feminism is so prominent and is even getting bigger, especially when it comes to interacting with men. Everybody who actually interacts with me on here knows this: I am not a feminist, I was actually raised to be anti-feminist, and the reason I'm so tough about the stupid things guys post on here is because it affects ME indirectly. Very frustrating!
Guys generally do one of two things: 1) Assume all women are feminists. OR 2) Treat every woman like she is a feminist because of its dominance in society.

There's a problem with that. I'm not a feminist, and I won't be treated like one - by either a man or a woman. (I might get a lot of hate from feminists on here but I don't care.) Therefore, it is not hypocritical of me to demand a gentleman.

Next step: Some people say I'm not "proud to be a woman." Google defines feminism as
the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes, which is a good basic definition. Here's why I DON'T support it: I don't want to be equal with a man in the ways that feminists fight for. Right to vote? Yeah, I'm a citizen. Things like that are understandable. But I'm from Latin America, and in my culture if I was a feminist I'd get kicked out, and it's because there's still a sense of morals and ethics. Where I'm from, we WANT to be feminine. For example, you won't ever see me with hairy legs just because I'm lazy and don't have a desire to impress men. It's not about impressing men; it's about being proud to be feminine! (I know I'll get hate here, so if you don't like it get over it. :) ) There IS a line between the genders having equality with one another as far as rights like voting, etc. , and still maintaining their traditional roles. To ME, being proud to be a woman mean supporting your man, standing behind him in all things, and being a loving and nourishing mother. That's why being a man means taking the lead!

You'd think that dating life would be EASIER for me since guys like that I'm not feminist, right? Oh no... absolutely not. For the guys who already know me, yeah it would definitely be easier if I was interested in them. But when I'm always being approached by a guy who treats me like I'm against him, that's annoying!

Why Im Against Feminism (And How This Negatively Impacts Me When It Comes To Dating Men)


1. He has the wrong intentions when asking me out.
Yes, guys do this all the time. Not to brag, but I do get approached and asked out a lot, and one thing I have learned to look for up-front is if his intention in courting is really genuine. If I can sense that he's not really looking to make this a good relationship or his attraction to me isn't 100% real, then I just deny him. If he's one who expects me to try to be equal with him and doesn't show any respectful behavior but treats me the way I'd be treated if I'm out with my friends, he won't be dating me. You'd think guys would show that respect simply because I'm not a feminist, right - out of appreciation?

2. He's been involved with something like MGTOW.
I understand the ideas behind MGTOW and the principles of it, yes, but to a woman who is against feminism it looks very stupid. No offense to anybody on that, but it really does come across as a joke. As an anti-feminist woman, I have had guys who were really into things like MGTOW ask me out once they got to know me a little bit and learned my take on feminism and male dominance, and guess what happened: as soon as I found out they were for MGTOW, I let them go. It's not something I would ask when getting to know a man simply because that's rude and I'd prefer to see the positive side first to get to know him, and I understand that him being a part of something like that goes well for him with my sense of anti-feminism, but with something like that you're pretty much saying that we are all feminists. (That's what I get from it, so guys on here, feel free to correct me there if I'm wrong.) My point is... yes, I'm against feminism and gladly against it, BUT I'm still a woman, so if you want to "go your own way" then feel free to do so!

3. He's too fearful of even helping me with something.
I've had this happen too: I was in Target and I dropped a piece of paper, and I had my arms full and nowhere to sit my stuff down on the shelf. The only people on the same aisle as me were two guys who actually just stared at me and then laughed as one of them said, "Women deserve it." And they walked away. I could understand this to an extent if I was a feminist, but the fact is that I'm not. To me, this is very unjust. The intriguing part of that is that I met the same guy (the one who laughed, not the one who said that) at a blood drive a few days later. He politely asked me out, and I politely turned him down. I didn't even bring up the incident, but my stern firm rejection sparked his memory because then he recognized me. At this point honestly I felt like laughing, but to avoid proving my own self wrong and to show that I do respect both genders, I didn't laugh. I give that example to say this: as someone who respects men, I won't allow a man to think he can treat me like an enemy and still have my favor. No sir.

Why Im Against Feminism (And How This Negatively Impacts Me When It Comes To Dating Men)

And I didn't plan this out, I've just been asked by some people I communicate with on here a lot to do this take, so I think you get the general message. There are other examples that I can't even think of right now, but I'm going to keep this short. My main point is that Dating life is HARD as a cultural anti-feminist when most people seem to think it's supposed to be easy. It's not easy when the men take us all as one, their enemy. Also consider the fact that yes, it's hypocritical of women who strongly oppose men to demand a leading man because it's contradicting, BUT for those of us who support our men it's perfectly okay and understandable! And when men acknowledge our support instead of automatically assuming we are their enemies, everybody wins :) As the minority now, we anti-feminists can't change society, but we can hold true to ourselves. So if you appreciate our support for you, then please don't give us the same treatment you give the women who would mistreat you as an enemy.

Not all men are sex-crazed pigs, and not all women are haters of men. (By the way, I'm also against "toxic masculinity" - masculinity is what I want in a man. But a topic for another day) Women should be proud of their femininity, and men should be proud of their masculinity. Not reversed! Why women want to be masculine and men give in to being feminine, I do not understand.

And for those of you men who don't make the automatic assumption that women are all against you and actually give the girl a chance to prove her worth before you judge her, THANK YOU!

Why I'm Against Feminism (And How This Negatively Impacts Me When It Comes To Dating Men)
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  • Anonymous
    I really have to laugh at some of the responses here. For example...

    "There is nothing in feminism that forces you to be equal or abandon gender roles or even be less feminine."

    What? I mean... WHAT? What an enormous, stinking, steaming pile of crap that statement is. Of course feminism is against gender roles, and anything else that does not toe the party line about what a "real woman" should be, and should not be, according to feminism. OF COURSE it is!! This is so typical of the hypocrisy and dishonesty of modern feminism.

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    • Anonymous

      I got a good laugh from the comments from @OddBeMe too, and more importantly, your responses to him (her, actually). You go, Yale girl!

      It is so Odd how feminists say out of one side of their mouths that they support choice, but then out of the other side they disrespect any woman who makes different choices than they do. Hmm...

    • Yads_Is_Back

      Thank you for addressing the hypocrisy of it! I wanted so badly to get into it, but I knew others would follow them on it, so I was like nahhh I don't wanna argue when most people can see the difference anyway.

  • RickPen
    The proverbial social well has been, and in some ways is perpetually poisoned from both women and men.

    Out of curiosity, would you mind clarifying your definition of a gentleman?

    Also, it is easy to make enemies as a response to someone's actions. While those people may not be worth the effort, harboring ill will or at least a lack of respect seems to be a fruitless endeavor (my perspective regarding your shopping experience).
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    • Yads_Is_Back

      Gentleman = is generally kind to everybody, positive attitude, and has no problem treating a woman like a lady if she earns the respect of it (such as, for example, holding a door) Doesn't mean he has to open the door for me every time, but it's a commonly used example. Or just straight-up being nice and not assuming I'm his enemy lol

    • RickPen

      Thank you. I would define that as a generally polite, socialized individual. Being nice is an exercise in control, for sure. Being positive, however, I personally find grating. Life is difficult, and I enjoy the candor of heavy discussion.

      I think everyone assumes as a part of survival. We have to possibly assume danger or enmity, and unfortunately I think much of the current feminism provides a mental foundation for the women, while the men focus solely on that instead of living in a cautiously cordial manner. Modern society...

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  • MrOracle
    Why I'm Against Feminism (And How This Negatively Impacts Me When It Comes To Dating Men)I am right with you. Equality doesn't have to mean giving up your feminism, nor are traditional values a bad thing. We have ALL suffered as a result of Radical Feminism, which has nothing to do with actual equality.
  • sejla
    What you consider your normal life would not exist if it weren't for the feminists of the 1900s. I really think some looking back into history would change your mind some.
    • ManaX

      All the references she made show she's talking about 'modern feminism'. Feminism in the past had a clear defined goal and I would have supported it back then. Today's feminism is a mess.

    • sejla

      @ManaX Back before the 80s people still viewed feminism in a negative way. Even other women criticized it.

  • theronaldmcdonald
    “But I'm from Latin America, and in my culture if I was a feminist I'd get kicked out, and it's because there's still a sense of morals and ethics. Where I'm from, we WANT to be feminine.”
    Funny. I am a Mexican immigrant myself and it seems you are unaware of the situation of many of our countries? Are you aware that Latin America is currently being ravaged by femicide? Latin America is machista, men are in charge and women are disposable. It’s not about being “feminine”. The fact you would say this is ridiculous. Do even ten seconds of research on this topic. Violence against women in our countries is among the highest in the world! Calling yourself a “cultural feminist”. I’m sorry. How? I don’t mean this as an attack, but you sound very ignorant to the way of the world right now.

    “And when men acknowledge our support instead of automatically assuming we are their enemies, everybody wins”— never met a man in person who automatically takes my beliefs in equality as a threat? If they do. Yikes.

    Nothing gets my goat like someone who doesn’t understand toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity does not mean masculinity is toxic. It means that society trying to force men to be emotionless robots that fit into a tiny box of what masculinity “should be” is toxic. Men suffer from higher rates of suicide, much of it stemming from the fact that they are told to shun their emotions and be “tough”. Toxic masculinity is about saying you can me a tough macho man, or you can be a sensitive emotional man, or anything in between, you should not be made to feel like less of a man or less of a person for being a human being with emotions.

    You don’t even have to call yourself a feminist. You just have to understand that some women and men don’t want to live in little boxes of toxic social expectations that can lead to violence or suicide.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      1) I go to another country every year. I’ve been to 14 different countries, and I’ve been all over South America, some in Central America, and yes also to Mexico (love Los Cabos 👍🏻). So I’m well aware. You might want to consider whom you’re talking to.
      2) Since when are “enemies” and equality the same thing?
      And after that I stopped reading lol

    • You’re well aware of femicide in these countries yet you still think feminism is not needed in those countries. I doubt that. I have had two female relatives DIE because of violence again them by their husbands, no investigations no nothing. Nobody cared because they are women and they were killed by their husbands. Any men I know who have died there had their cases looked into, at least a little bit (this is still México so of course they didn’t do it properly). Traveling to 14 different countries? You must have a privileged life. The majority of people I know from Latin America can’t afford that. People I know who are college educated, work all day, everyday. Couldn’t even dream of going to Los Cabos, let alone a different country. Even living in this first world country, I could not afford that. Explains a lot about your position. Being in a position of privilege has blinded you to the realities faced by millions of women in Latin America. Visiting Los Cabos and living in the city of Chihuahua are two very different things.

      Enemies and equality are not the same thing. You are making a faulty generalization about feminism and are using it to straw man my argument. Weak argument. Come in with some facts, then we’ll talk.

      Of course you wouldn’t read my entire argument, you cannot argue against it properly. I read your very ignorant spiel. The ENTIRE thing. I am not afraid of opinions different than mine because I stand firmly in my own.

    • Yads_Is_Back

      Ehh, too bad. I just don’t really care for the ignorance. Seems like the “factual” issue here is that you’re seeing feminism only through one lens - the good it does and yes that’s what it was MEANT to be. However, that’s not what it IS anymore. You want facts? The whole news and society and everything proves you wrong. I don’t have to provide anything. Just turn on the TV. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  • glenns
    Wow, what a refreshing, pressure-decompressing, pithy, and sincere essay! And honesty is a rare virtue to have, especially among the media! So far they are removed from honesty that they have somehow made the feminist seem to be the virtuous and noble, and you, the anti-feminist, the weak, stubborn, and boorish. Yet even your own experience shows that most people (particularly men) can see through the nonsense propagated but the media.
    I recall a singer (and feminist) chided and berated an adored fan who yelled out to her, "marry me!" Not surprisingly the media made it out too be that the fan was a sexist pig and the singer a brave soul strong enough to see her rights as a human being. Fortunately, the comments section made it clear that the bulk of the readership was not going to stand for the mischaracterations!

    What strikes me about the feminist is there profound hypocrisy. At once they complain about men, but then desire to join traditional make occupations (military, police, etc). They express their contempt towards men (usually timid in temperament), then go around wearing their boyfriend's clothes! Why is it that feminists are actively supporting the masculization of women's clothes (flannel shirts, boxer shorts, etc), yet show their derision when men act feminine, like not standing up for himself when provoked or act passive-aggressive? Why is it that women complain endlessly about unfair pay in the workplace between female CEO's or lawyers, yet don't lift a finger to bring more women into the fields of science or mathematics, where they are profoundly underrepresented? Seems to me that they care not about the unequal pay, but the title of the occupation! Further analysis will therefore show that feminists don't seek equality, but rather husbands. I'm convinced that the feminist in law school is a woman shopping for a husband rather than an activist desiring a career in ethics...
    Note: unequal pay among the sexes doesn't exist. It may have long before the civil rights era, but now? No. How do I know? Think about it: if you were an employer, and if women really were paid less then men, wouldn't the wise employer place the highest priority on hiring women for the job? Of course he would! Who wouldn't when the price tag of women's labor is orders of magnitude less than that of a man's? Therefore, because hiring managers are not out actively recruiting women just because they're women, but rather the most qualified candidate, we must assume that pay given the woman is equal to a man's pay!
    • Yads_Is_Back

      TRUE. Plus, I find that the common argument that the feminists are trying to push on this thread is the whole "freedom" thing, which I addressed. Freedom to vote, express yourself in society, and anything civil is one thing. However, asking for the freedom to do wrong is another!

  • jestergent
    I need to butt in here. Gentleman is fine. It's good. It's natural. It comes. It goes.

    What makes the Gentleman come?
    Making him happy.

    What makes him happy?
    Anything that doesn't scare him away.

    If you can accomplish a woman talking about marriage and the man getting excited about it,
    then before you met him, he was already a gentleman trying to earn that talk.

    We live in the age of marriage = divorce rape.
    Woman: "Can we talk about having (divorce rape)?"
    Gentleman: Let me put the suit back in the closet real quick.

    My belief is that Gentleman come out when they have something worth chasing after. This could help explain partially how a higher goal post = less gentleman, as Gentleman is a mans decision.

    Despite said, the main point isn't all the above, its that defining what a gentleman is, is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what one needs to be, but first that you can get men to want to do it in the first place.

    I would recommend the following to fix shortage of gentleman (it's a big list):


    oh coff coff. Shorri. I spoke too loudly.
    I ment.

    Please kind madam, would you care for a cup of fair marriage?
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Fix the flaws in the WOMEN. I'm with you if that's what you mean. No need to "cough" lol because I'm in agreement. I totally get your stance, but the catch is that society can't control whether I'm a feminist or not, traditional or not, etc. I control that, and I also control that I give the man I'm dating something to respect and I prove myself to him. Plus, I don't even believe in divorce; it's wrong and very looked down upon where I'm from. If you get divorced people will scoff at you in the streets. Society loves anything immoral, pretty much, but that doesn't control what I do. I control myself, and part of that is choosing the gentleman I will date and eventually marry. I give him something to respect, and he respects it as a gentleman. Both parts are played.

  • Well written and fully agreed. Although an inference further down took me aback a little, I actually do have an anarchist friend on campus and as long as neither he nor your prescribe to the violent kind, (Anarchists committed countless assassinations and bombings in the 1800's) I can civilly agree to disagree on the matter as a Conservative Authoritarian. If you do however, adhere to that full extent of anarchism, know that we have a big problem with each other.

    It is crucially important nowadays for sane people, women especially who do not wish to march under the pervasive feminist doctrine to speak up loudly. I have always tried to the best of my abilities to encourage femininity in the traditional sense as something to value and nourish as a woman. Likewise with masculinity. Leftists, liberals, feminists, they can try all they want, but the lines that divide both sexes and gender naturally will never dissipate.

    And to address your last statement, no, I do not assume any woman at all to be a feminist. I let them show that themselves by their words and actions first. I know full well even women who might *appear* (mish-mashed clothes, nose-rings, piercings, colored hair) to be feminists or leftist can be hardcore right wingers.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      No, I am not the violent type lol However, I see the government as hypocritical - infinitely. They can't even agree on what the laws are, but yet they want us to follow their rules even when they don't.

  • cute_short_nerd
    I’m starting a campaign to overpower feminism.
    Who wants in?

    It’s all about helping men with there court cases against women who have their head in their asses.

    The M. A. L. A
    Men’s Association of Law Assistance.
  • Kinogo
    Feminism is ok, helps empower women who feel suppressed or treated cruelly.(e. g. the voting movement was very good and in some countries/areas feminism is really needed)
    Tho "u can't hit me I'm fragile but I can hit u" isn't the type of feminism I agree.
    It's a very abstract subject but not all men assume u r a feminist cause of your gender but if they do maybe clarify it. Kindness (open door for the person etc) is nice.
    ^ just my opinion
    • Yads_Is_Back


    • Aiko_E_Lara

      So "feminism is ok" Not only that, men are also treated cruelly too. But if you say masculinisim is also ok for that reason and support both, you're basically supporting equality not either of those movements. You can't say "I was a feminist yesterday because mom was beaten up" or "I was an mgtow the other day because dad got sued and falsely accused by my mom" or something like that. When you can make things simple, doing it the complex way is not necessary.

    • Kinogo

      @Aiko_E_Lara indeed^

  • emmily2396
    You sound like you could benefit from a bit of feminism. If hairy legs are manly why do women have them too? And if being nurturing is feminine why do you, as a woman, need tot try to be nurturing? It should be effortless. Maybe you should first question the nature of your reality a bit. And no, I don't agree with a lot of the bullshit feminazis promote, like aproaching a woman on the street is sexual harassment to them. But that to me is called being crazy, not feminist.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      "If hairy legs are manly why do women have them too? And if being nurturing is feminine why do you, as a woman, need tot try to be nurturing? It should be effortless."
      Agreed. The answer is one word: rebellion. Or you could just say taking advantage of modern society and expecting the same good results of it, which explains men's reactions to this stuff.
      But I'm totally with you on that last part...

  • morrowlow
    I understand what you're saying but you're a little wrong about MGTOW. They don't think of all women as feminists. They say it all the time, they don't believe that all women want to hurt men, but they think that all women can, and the society turns a blind eye when that happens which is absolutely true. As for me I don't care if a woman is a feminist or not. The only thing that matters is that there's no reason for me to take the traditionally masculine role when interacting with women and frankly I wouldn't want to, because now I know how crappy men have been treated throughout history because they've always taken the masculine role and the society has always sacrificed them. I don't think women are my enemy, I just think that they don't care about me or any other strange man at all, which is understandable but in return I don't care about any woman either. This is why the guy in the supermarket didn't help you; he didn't hate you. But I don't expect you to understand how young men feel about the crazy situation we're living in as I don't understand what women go through. But those who label all the men who identify as mgtow or redpill as sexist are just oversimplifying everything. I hope you're not one of them.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Actually, I’m glad you explained that. I was looking for some correction there, but nobody said anything about it until you posted this. So thank you!
      And in that case... I guess I’m glad that they don’t consider all women feminists, but I don’t want the blinded eye turned toward me either. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m not traditional, and he’s either going to respect that and take on his side of it and not treat me like he would a woman who is a feminist, or he’s not gonna be wanted by me. That’s why I said I don’t want anything to do with guys for MGTOW because they DO tend to be as you mentioned, so if he wants to “go his own way,” he’s free to do so.

  • Celtero
    Sorry lady, feminists won, better adjust and stop acting like we're in 1965.

    It's time to marry a soyboy cuck after experimenting with lesbianism for a decade, then adopt 3 children, all difference races (except white of course.) You'll be the breadwinner, working 60 hours a week at the sandwich factory. Welcome to the new world order.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Nah, society can’t tell me how to live my life. Get over it

  • JackSmy
    So much here, and I don't care to address the detailed points, as the basis, is the important bit!!
    WTF is "FEMINISM" I have asked this, MANY times, on here, on NOBODY can say!! How can you post this, and say what you say, and assume, without a DEFINITION of what you are saying you are NOT!!
    I disagree with your first premise:
    "Guys generally do one of two things: 1) Assume all women are feminists. OR 2) Treat every woman like she is a feminist because of its dominance in society."

    I DO NOT assume all women are Feminists, and I DO NOT treat every woman like she is a Feminist” because NOBODY CAN DEFINE THE FUCKING TERM!!

    Google defined it? REALLY? Is that who you want defining Feminism, the Misogynistic Bastard company that invades your privacy and sells your personal data, to ANYONE!!


    Voting, Definitely!!

    Shaving your, whatever? Whatever you like and prefer!!

    Impressing men? WHY? Do they ever try to impress you? I don't want her to 'impress' me, except by being WHO SHE REALLY IS, HONESTLY!!

    Being a proud woman, FCK YEAH!! You work for it, earn it, and deserve that so take it and embrace it!

    Supporting your man, cool, but not being his Servant!! I can't deal with that!!

    But as a man I support her, to, and respect her!

    You go on, with examples and similar things, but I think I made my point, like you made yours! I agree, and think you are right, but how can it change, and be better?
  • SkipStop
    I took the red pill. Hold on, hold on. It's not what you think. What I did was discover the truth about feminism by running into the forever alone subreddit, incel subreddit and later men's rights subreddit. Learned a lot and swallowed the red pill.
    Here we go. I have been unsuccessful with women because I'm the shy and quiet "Nice Guy" type. Never been on a date and never kissed. I'm 29 by the way. And in my early 20's I just called it quits. No, I don't hate women. I am just very very cautious of them because of all the danger that comes from modern society being so anti-male. Especially ever since the misandrist #MeToo thing. Innocent men losing their careers from false accusations. I am not gonna risk any of that. I remember reading an article about how some guy in his teens or early 20's found an unconscious woman in the water at a beach. He pulled her out and began doing cpr. She gained consciousness and noticed that he was touching her chest. It's part of the cpr process. And she accused him of sexual harassment! WTF? Don't remember the ending but come on. Seriously? That's like saying it's better to run away and let her die than be thrown in jail for saving a life. Despicable. Anyway, I am gonna stay away from women just to be safe. Single and a kissless virgin forever I guess. I am starting to like this self-quarantine lifestyle. Never felt so safe.
    Anyway, thank you for writing this. Brought a smile to my face.
    • I swear where do you find such weirdos.

    • SkipStop

      @hi_it_is_me123 Mostly online. And news. The stories are scary.

  • Jack9949
    “Therefore, it is not hypocritical of me to demand a gentleman.” You see part of the problem in our society is that men also just aren’t masculine enough to be worthy of women like yourself. A lot of men like to blame all women for being feminist, when countless studies repeatedly show that a majority of women don’t even self identify with feminism. I used to be one of those same types myself because it helped me to feel better about myself, and was easier than focusing on the issue of improving my own masculinity. I am now more determined than ever to fix my own issues because part of being a man is doing what’s toughest in focusing on your own improvement, instead of demanding changes and complaining about society. Fuck all those guys that do, I used to be one of them.

    Also to your point of “Women should be proud of their femininity”. This is exactly why many alienated western men date foreigners because they have no trouble embracing this, and aren’t all corrupted by society. This is part of the reason for my fetishization of Latinas tbh. Regardless men themselves are too blame as well for often not being masculine enough.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Agreed. Didn't know you had a fetish for latinas though, but you're right that in our culture feminism is a huge disgrace

    • Jack9949

      Yeah. That’s what I like about it. I’ll bet the men are more masculine too. I also like Asian women lmao. Very tough for me to feel attraction to my own race, with all that’s been going on. 😂 I don’t suppose also that living around white chics can just get boring after awhile, for me at least.

  • KeziL
    I am with you 100% on this. Your reasoning and explanation was spot on, and I feel the same way concerning my anti-feminism. I WANT those traditional gender roles, please don't get rid of them! I'm at an age where I really just got to decide where I wanted to be location wise, and so I chose somewhere known as pretty backwards, definitely not somewhere people think of as very progressive: Alabama. I figured being there would help surround me with like-minded people, as not a lot of liberals I've ever known have imagined Alabama as their dream place to be. When interacting with men, I signal to them that I'm definitely not feminist, and communicate through little things to show them that they can relax and act like a man. I'm in college, so one of the first things I get asked is what I'm studying, and the answer to that is Elementary Education, which is something that's definitely in the traditional women's sphere, and isn't women's studies, so that's a signal to them. I thank guys and show appreciation when they act like a gentleman, open doors, etc. I make sure to drop comments agreeing with guys when they express anything close to annoyance with feminists. I don't know, I guess I just try to show guys that I'm on their side and they don't have to walk on eggshells around me.
  • greycadillacs
    To me feminism is about equal rights, and also not being forced into gender roles. Are you saying women should be forced to shave their legs and be stay at home moms who only do what their husbands say and be feminine at all times?
    • Yads_Is_Back

      No, I'm saying nobody should be forced into anything - neither men nor women, and that people should be comfortable with who they are, which includes gender.

    • For me the feminist movement is about giving women the choice to do or be whatever they want to without fear of retaliation or suppression. That a woman should be able to choose staying at home or working and not be chastised for her choice. Anti-feminism to me suggests that no, a woman should know her place and always keep her legs shaved, be secondary to men in the workplace, etc etc, and that’s what I take issue with. I’d rather there be a world where anyone can choose what they want to do

    • Yads_Is_Back

      We obviously have different definitions on what feminism is.

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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "Therefore, it is not hypocritical of me to demand a gentleman."

    I love it when women renounce feminism under the motivation that it's going to win them some perfect "Sir Galahad" motherfucker, only to end up with a guy who "shows that he cares" with black eyes.

    Ahh.. poetry.. 😊
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Lol very pessimistic way to flip it but okay

  • KristaGrym
    Curious you ask to don't make assumptions that women ar all against you when u write down an essay showing you mysoginistic way of life and how desperate you are from masculine recognition. And probably you are in your early 20... sad.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Sure. I'm a murderer, I shot and wounded 40 people, have raped a million... You're free to think what you want lol. Nowhere in it does it say or did I imply that I would be prejudiced against my own gender. But hey, if you wanna look at it pessimistically just because you don't agree, that's your freedom. Again, feel free to think the things I mentioned too. It won't affect me. Sad that you think it would though...

    • KristaGrym

      My own gender? You playing the victim? When u have write and throwing shade to a movement that the only thing we wanna do it's to obtain equality , fundamental rights and be treated like persons? Who has brainwashed you?

    • glenns

      KrystaGrym, it's you and women like you who are making the word mysogeny equal a good thing! A dictionary would tell me a mysogenist is a man with a rabid contempt for women, with or without the switchblade in his right hand. A derelict. A deranged psychopath. You know, Ted Bundy. However, the feminist uses the word so often, and directs it to so many normal, well -adjusted, well-liked, and polite people that I now consider it a high compliment when a feminist accuses me of being a mysogenist, and want to be best friends with others who have been so accused.
      "Glenn, your such a mysogenist!" It's got a nice ring to it...

  • captain_voidwalker
    You can claim to be anti feminist all you want but the fact is feminism still exists.
    I've always said it like this. When a man dates a woman the woman is pointing a gun at the man's head. Not every woman will pull the trigger but you will still ha e a gun to your head.
    And shockingly most men don't want to live with a gun to thier head
    • Yads_Is_Back

      It exists in society as a whole, of course. Doesn't mean every woman holds the gun.

    • Yes it does, at any point you can accuse a man of anything and ruin his life. The legal system aka the gun in this metaphor will make sure his life is completely ruined.

    • Yads_Is_Back

      Yes, I "can" accuse him, but that doesn't mean I will.

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  • Oram52
    " It's not about impressing men; it's about being proud to be feminine! "
    What wrong with trying to impress men? :)

    Its too late. I do read a lot how Latinas are still feminine and put effort in appearance. But In Western Europe and North America I think its little too late. In Eastern Europe and Latin America things are different. You have to understand from male perspective, men keep getting conflicting messages about their roles in society or in terms of dating. I mean #metoo movement has gone radical. So men are cautious and confused. So only way to act is what feminists have made norm.

    You may not react that way, doesn't mean other women wouln't or don't. One girl may appreciate chivalry other may bite his head off. So what's the best thing to do? Be cautious and not try be chivalrous.

    It doesn't mean I'm not chivalrous. I completely agree we are equal but not the same, our desires are not the same. If I was to approach you you'd find I don't act like that. I'm not traditional however, and not really interested in traditional roles.

    You're not the only one but the problem is silent majority don't say anything. For whatever reason women cower in fear of feminists and say nothing. But then complain for example men have stopped being chivalrous. Also understand from male perspective why men are forced to behave or act in certain way even if they may agree with your perspective.
  • The6ix
    I actually thought you were pro-feminism. Personally I don't care if girls or women support feminism in terms of equality, proper pay, respect, etc. But if its to simply argue, show off, belittle men then I question the validity of feminism because a lot has changed from the early 1900s to 2020 in terms of what women and girls genuinely want to stand up and fight for.
  • ADFSDF1996


    All I can say as someone who isn’t fond of 4 wave feminism is sorry you are going through that. The problem is that feminism has made it’s presence felt throughout many (not all) mainstream societies around the developed world. If you pay close attention to the mainstream media, you’ll notice traces of 4th wave feminism in almost everything. For example one theater hosted a “women only” screening for Wonder Woman, not that I actually care about that crappy film which is full of 4th wave feminist and anti German propaganda. But that still shows the misandry and hypocrisy of 4th wave feminism.

    I think the reason why many guys can seem “hostile” is not out of actual spite but rather them being wary, I’m sure if they get to meet you and realize you aren’t a feminist, they’ll probably apologize and be more friendly to you. But fortunately more and more men and women are realizing that feminism is dividing rather than uniting men and women.

    Fun fact: most women don’t consider themselves feminists.
  • Kezzz
    I can never grasp the concept of feminism or feminist so I don't really care about it much. I treat the guys and girls I know equally, with the respect they deserve.
    But this was Nice! I admire the effort and love every detail. Thanks for sharing😊
  • FatherJack
    Feminism is a sub-branch of Cultural Marxism , which is deliberately corrosive to society and is another tool of division used by those REALLY in power , and was also used to increase the available labour force , and to drive down wages.. these continue to fall against the increasing costs of living. Feminism is very well funded , and legally backed and they indoctrinate impressionable girls / young women ( esp @ uni's !!) My daughter , now 13 , saw through all their hypocritical and hate filled BS aged just 8 , no prompting from me... and mocks modern feminism !!

    Thank you for appreciating us 2nd class citizens born with Y chromosomes , sadly you are in the minority. As a single dad , I have encountered a LOT of hostility from mothers in the past , they have been brainwashed to believe men are all pedo rapists in waiting , I am so glad my 2 are teens now , I have chosen to remain single due to the default anti male hostility and suspicion you have described well , the mental scars from the marriage I ended .. plus, being real , I am NOT desirable from a woman's POV , there are vast numbers of baggage free available men.. and most importantly I have little need for people anyway , prefer own company.
  • Guanfei
    Oh boy, you're going to face a river of shit the size of the Amazon. I praise you for that take.
    Not really a gentleman here, even tho I've been called one by more than one girl. I appreciate that you stand up for your opinion even tho it means you won't be liked for it.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Not really concerned about what other people think. I was raised around this.

    • Guanfei

      I'd give you a high five but I'd like an idiot high fiving my screen.

    • Also hi fives are illegal now because of the pandemic. lol

  • cicchis0
    That's not feminism, which is simply about removing restrictions imposed by society on women but not men. For example, when my grandmother married my grandfather, she had to give up her teaching career because married women weren't allowed to be employed by the government in Australia. This meant that all female teachers, nurses, telephone operators, bank employees, and other public servants in the country had to be single. Feminists fought to remove this restriction and other sexist policies such as different pay rates for women doing the same jobs as men. I'm proud that my mother is a feminist and so am I. Allowing equal opportunities doesn't mean that women can't be feminine and men can't be masculine.
    • SaiyenBloodd

      Amen sister

    • SaiyenBloodd

      Sorry I meant to say brother lol

    • Yads_Is_Back

      True, it doesn’t have to mean that. But for a lot of people it does, which is why you have things like MGTOW and men complaining. Nowadays, everybody has a different definition of “equality.” didn't really ask for your personal definition of it, (even everybody interprets Google’s definition differently, that’s why I used it), but thanks for sharing anyway lol

  • ChibiChuck
    Are you really anti-feminist though?

    It sounds like the only thing you disagree with is being non-feminine and the way gender roles are being changed as much.

    I don’t really think feminism challenges gender roles or should at least.

    I think if anything you’re anti-feminazi. I might be completely wrong but I totally respect where you’re coming from.
  • intellectualidiot
    As a feminist, I believe feminism is beginning to lose the actual point of its creation. Feminism was a joint group of beliefs for the progress of women, but now it's just different beliefs in different countries. In Saudi Arabia women just allowed to drive a few years ago, If you look at the prices of general female products they're higher than that of the males ( this starts from the buying of cribs) that's what feminism stands for; to create a world whereby women get equal opportunities as men. I live in Nigeria, Africa, and being a feminist here is a whole different ballgame altogether, if a woman lives on her own she's seen as wayward. If you wear a crop top in some places, you'll be seen as a prostitute ( I know you choose to embrace your culture and I absolutely love that). Culturally as a young woman in the village, you'll wear what is basically known as a tube and a mini skirt, but if you dare do that now you'll be castigated against, but I digress feminism is beginning to lose it's actual meaning and now changing the beliefs and thoughts on feminism. All real feminists (not those who claim to be feminists because they're angry at men) want is equality and equity, not more privileges not fewer privileges.
  • DaMack999
    Most of our society auto default of political correctness has reduced me to rubbish. Women became independent and free which is a great thing. Cause if not more men would be single today lol. The 2 tier system where women work same hours as men n do same work but get paid less is also an horrible idea. I believe anytime a woman goes to become feminist or feminist wanna be she ought go pay the price. How. By paying their fair share of everything. Including divorce. Men are in hook for child support in many States because his the " bread winner. That coin is gone, laws haven't changed to adapt to society needs. Which is why I believe a Constitution reform should take place every 20 years. World laws would be up to date. Reason men are so feminine is due to social pressure normality of Hollywood that women need love n romance n fairytales. Not true cause Millennials have been affected by Hollywood syndrome the most. They all got a bucket list of demands before reaching the aisle to get married.
  • ZackBan
    Thank you so much for that. You have no idea how much I needed to hear a woman say these things. I believe every word you said and support it 1000%.
    Lately I lost all hope in the human race because of that.
    It's not that I don't want women to be independent in fact an independent woman is exactly my type but they it's been handled is just so... Disturbing to say the least. Feminnim has become something of a world domination cult or something like that. Somehow they inforce martial law on all our opinions and personal freedoms.

    Thank you again you gave me hope. Only an idiot wouldn't try dating you
  • Reamer
    Pls dont relate all Latin American with the back words beliefs of your inbred famly, being anti-feminist would mean you belive you should be submissive to me and not aloud to voice your opinion

    So your very voice here on this topic is a feminist one,

    A d pleas dont blame feminist because the type of guy that ask you out are idots its unrelated.
  • chardonnayandpink
    some girls have nice husbands who care about them and treat them well but some of surrounded by fool whose mommas did not raise them well and we be like uh hell naw I may by a crazy ass motherfudger but I ain't dealing with this shit
  • Venky25
    Well i dont like being called a feminist... It sounds insulting to me. I do as i like... I may have ideals similar to feminism but i hate being called a feminist or someone telling me i have feministic ideals. These ideals are mine and i love by that because i want to...
  • I-am-a-nobody
    This was refreshing...
    Wouldn't be surprised if you don't get a proposal or two out of this. (ha ha)

    I can just see it now...
    Let's see, against feminism... check
    Doesn't let her legs get hairy... check
  • aftermydemise
    You should check out this lady on youtube. You'd probably like what she has to say. She's also anti feminist. She puts a lot of thing's into perspective and is super insightful.

    https://youtu. be/RozEFVPDxeg
  • OddBeMe
    Well you don’t need feminism because of feminism. But either way, you shouldn’t suffer for your beliefs, other than academically.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Definitely not suffering for anything academically lol

    • OddBeMe

      Intellectually, then.

    • Yads_Is_Back

      Still not suffering in either of those areas

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  • wisefool
    Sorry but I didn't read past your first sentence. Feminism is not "getting bigger" in fact it's slowly dying off. Most people, both male and female do not support feminism. People have caught on to all the little tricks they use to manipulate and control people.
  • genericname85
    damn right you don't need feminism. nobody in the western civilized world does. in a world where there are equal rights, feminism has no place. feminism has a place in most muslim and third world societies. not in the western world. it is time for it to finally recognize that equality has been achieved and that they're building new problems that don't exist to legitimate existing.
  • MountAverage
    Meh, your definition of Feminism is very different than mine and that of pretty much every Feminist I personally know. But you do you, I guess.
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Used Google's definition. Everything after that, like the things people take too far, etc. is up to each individual. With terms like "rights" and "equality" everybody goes wrong somewhere, so I basically summed up my general view

    • MountAverage

      Yeah, most anti-Feminists (and by that I don't mean you but the actual hardcore ones like most guys on GaG) fail to recognize that Feminism isn't one homogenous hive-mind ideology, but actually just a very broad umbrella term for a vast diversity of different movements and schools of thought regarding gender issues in our society. You do kinda seem to recognize that, but at the same time you still reject it as a whole, which doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. At the end of the day it once again breaks down to pure semantics, which is actually getting really tiring to me. The matter of fact, whether you're aware of it or not (my guess is you kinda are), is that you DO agree with a lot of Feminist view points and demands, you just reject the LABEL.

      And the reason for that is really sad, because it's basically years and years of successful campaigning by far right movements to manipulate people into false associations with certain terms and concepts. The brilliance of far right groups is that they know extremely well how to use language to manipulate people, because if you control how people talk, you control how they think. And by doing that, they can influence people who are anything than politically far right. I bet you're a fairly liberal leaning person. Yet you, like millions of other young people have fallen for it, not even aware. And I don't blame you for it, this is something very subtle that I too only learned to recognize in the past few years.

      So yeah, you can go ahead and call yourself an "egalitarian" and reject the Feminist label. I doubt that this goes too far beyond meaningless semantics. But I hope you're smart enough not to reject anything merely because it has the label "Feminism" on it and actually take a look at what it demands and stands for.

    • MountAverage

      I don't know how aware you are what kind of people are applauding you here in this very thread right now. I don't know if you're aware that a lot of them are heavily influenced by Alt-Right rhetoric, and not few here actually Alt-Right Fascists themselves. This forum if heavily dominated by white supremacists and such bigots, in case you haven't noticed yet. And these are the people applauding you right now. That's not your fault, of course, but there's a reason for it. And I wish you think about that reason. And I wish even more that you don't fall down that rabbit hole.

      I'll leave it at that. Take care.

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  • Soteris
    I think you misunderstand what feminism is and what it wants. Your views and positions are entirely compatible with feminism in fact. There is nothing in feminism that forces you to be equal or abandon gender roles or even be less feminine. The whole point of feminism is that you have a personal choice.

    If you want a traditional relationship with all it entails that is your choice and not because you were forced to. If you were forced to or force others to adopt these beliefs or gender roles, that is anti-feminism but as long as its just consenting adults willingly accepting their roles in life that is completely fine.
  • Mikeilito
    I’ll shut yiu up right there! Your to young to have opinions on this all yiu have jusr claimed offends yiu is from what yiu read About so you don’t count!
    Here I’d the real of it all, your frustrated and angry cause your not liked by men could you blame them this article you wrote o don’t like you get it?
    The first guy who poked you clam whilst out looking for one your going to flip head over heals for him. suffocate him he’ll split then you can say all this until then keep your opinions in your hole little girl!!! 😂 lol
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Lol... I have no problem getting guys. I get hit on and asked out all the time. The issue is how they act!

    • Mikeilito

      Mighty long bitch there girly Thar issues for old dykes you sounded like a young dyke influenced by an i
      Old one! Lol hey you ever need ax man to change those silly thoughts char me I’ll twist your way of thinking give me a Friday through Saturday promise u won’t ever be the same! 😏😏😏

  • jasco
    In my short period of life i have realize its better to learn from both but stay towards the middle and try just being yourself or better yet be kind to everyone who is kind unto you. For me MGTOW and Femisism are both pretty stupid in some cases. Feminism during the 1900's was very nessacary today however its not at all honestly from what i have seen online.
  • Aaron_Stone
    Let people make their own choices, and People (feminists, incels, people imposing Political correctness) stop imposing their opinions on other people.
    Most problems will be stopped when such highly Vocal toxic groups will stop : --- suppressing peoples own mind/opinions and impose theirs.
  • takenhousewife
    I'm not against feminism I just wanna be a good wife for my husband. I rather stay at home and have the man work. So when he gets back i can take care of him.
  • BoobMan
    Makes total sense to me--very well written. I can't imagine why you'd get any hate for this. Your points seem very well thought through and articulated. I don't see any holes in the logic. Who could disagree with your point of view on this?
  • Djaay
    I have a lot to Express on this stance , although just going to start with one single question.
    Do you believe in JESUS CHRIST?
    • Yads_Is_Back

      Yes :) also not afraid to say I'm a believer 100%. Was also raised on that - in church, etc. Saved by grace!

  • Elsa_Schneider
    Meh, I'm not being trick into becoming a slave for women again. You anti-feminist women are simply using new manipulative tactics to get men back as slaves.

    Men stay single and jerk off to porn. Dating isn't worth it as most women will just reject you fast because they have tons of options now. See the more options women have the less valued men are.
  • Petra150
    Hell that's s kind of real woman , you are just like I like to be, my problem is its difficult to explain in English, acim Danish we have an awfull lot feminist in our country, and the " Me Too " campaign too , I use to call it " Me First" campaign as it's what it all about, the top of hypocrisy in my opinion. Of cause men shouldn't rape or abuse us, but today a guy get to be criminalised for helping a young mother and her baby carriage into a bus. And I just wonder why all them accusations suddenly appear on the same time, if something needs donr 15-20 years ago wtf didn't them girls cried up earlier. Hope to follow you and visa versa
  • sordid
    sounds like you're not strong enough to break from cultural ties, sucks to suck I guess, wish you weren't indoctrinated so long
    • Yads_Is_Back

      I’m strong enough TO KEEP cultural ties. I choose to keep them, and also it would be easier for me to let them go if I wanted to, just because society would prefer that. Takes a lot more for me to keep my ways that society doesn’t like

  • MasRus
    I respect your opinion but i think there is a difference between feminism and toxic feminism.

    feminism is asking for equal rights to be allowed to have the same opportunities that men are given including promotions and job opportunities.

    it's the toxic feminism that makes real feminist look like they are trying to make women more manly and men less manly.

    the media and society portrays the negative sides of everything because controversy gets more viewers so the real feminist are not shown as much as the toxic ones.

    the same goes for stereotypical views of races and gender and even political.

    media pretends to be unbias but they try to force hate by controlling what aspects viewers see.
    • Oram52

      Actions speak louder than words. There is no "real" type of feminism they're same. Otherwise feminism wouldn't be almost dead. Poor excuse.

    • MasRus

      @Oram52 makes no sense what you said so. I'm just gonna ignore your random and creepy reply 😂😂😂