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Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?

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My experience online. I have significant experience with online dating. I began in 2007, after ending a long term relationship that was - obviously - a mistake. I signed up on match.com and POF. I met two women who were attractive and exotic (Oksana is from the Ukraine, and Joni is from Brazil) and I liked both of them.

This is NOT Oksana but this woman is similar in appearance.
This is NOT Oksana but this woman is similar in appearance.
And Joni looked like this, but somewhat older.
And Joni looked like this, but somewhat older.

No, I did not date them at the same time. Eventually, both relationships ended for reasons unrelated to the fact that I met them online. I then met several other women online, had several first dates, then found another woman who was a good candidate for LTR (Lynn,) dated her exclusively for more than two years, got engaged, got married, and four years later, she decided that getting married was a mistake and she wanted out. Goodbye, Lynn!

I returned to online dating and had another series of first dates ("one and done's") until I met Ivy. We started dating exclusively and dated for two years. I broke up with her because she was not as committed to me as I was to her and I did not want to stay in a one-sided relationship.

I again returned to online dating and had another series of first dates until I met Teala. We dated and lived together for two years, but her alcohol abuse became a huge problem and I asked her to leave.

Back online, and I had several more first dates until I met Miss Helen. We have been dating since December, 2020 and she is now living with me.

All together, I have probably had forty or fifty first dates with women I met online and several turned into relationships.

What I liked most about online dating. With online dating, I could see a real treasure trove of women who I would otherwise never meet. Some of them lived 60-80 miles away from me and were very unlikely otherwise to ever cross my path. Even those in my hometown were unlikely to enter my sphere without online dating. I could also automatically screen those women who had self-reported characteristics that were deal breakers for me. I don't want to date a smoker, or a Hindu, or someone who is more than 15 years younger than me, or who hates animals. With a few clicks on my preferences, I immediately eliminated all of them (who were honest in their profiles.)

Even after eliminating those women, there were still many women who seemed to be within the realm of possibilities. I could scroll through profiles, identify the most likely ones, and return later to read them more carefully.

What I disliked most about online dating. The biggest dislike was the frequency of encountering scammers.

Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?

This happened most often on match.com but it occasionally happened on other sites as well. I never fell for their stories but, after a few encounters, I decided to turn it into entertainment for me and I started playing them. I responded to one scammer and told her that my friends suggested she was a scammer. "She" responded with reassurances that she was legit and really wanted to come to the US to give her body (and soul) to me. I then asked her to send a picture holding up a sign saying "OlderAndWiser, I love you!" Usually, this ended the conversations, but one scammer actually responded to my request and sent a picture of her holding such a sign. No, I didn't fall for her, either.

Why online dating worked for me. Initially, I had some luck because I posted pictures that showed me wearing a suit as well as a few casual photos, and I didn't post photos of me standing on a dead deer. I frequently read and re-read my profile and made changes to condense it, to make it sound fun and interesting, and to make it obvious that I was looking for a serious relationship but I was not always serious.

When I hit a rut with several serial rejections, I asked the last female user who had rejected me if she would mind offering me a critique of my profile.

Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?

Fortunately, she obliged and made a few very candid comments that were unexpected and which led to some changes in my profile.

I understand that online dating is different from meeting someone in person, and I made changes in my approach to women. I also accepted the fact that online dating is a numbers game: you sort through more candidates but, ultimately, you have a better chance of finding a good match because you are looking at more candidates.

Why my advice may be meaningless for you. I am 66 years old and I am a professional. I know that online dating is a different experience for younger people and I also understand that my profession makes me more attractive to some women. But there are women who are waitresses or hair stylists who I might want to date but they won't respond to me because they are intimidated by a professional man, or they assume I could not have any serious interest in them.

I see many younger guys approaching online dating just as they would approach meeting a woman "the old-fashioned way," and that is a mistake. This myTake is not intended to tell you how to approach online dating, but I make this comment to explain this: some people approach online dating the wrong way, it doesn't work (no surprise,) and instead of modifying what they are doing, these people just give up and blame online dating. Too bad, because "a nationally representative 2017 survey of American adults and found that about 39 percent of heterosexual couples reported meeting their partner online, compared to 22 percent in 2009." https://news.stanford.edu/2019/08/21/online-dating-popular-way-u-s-couples-meet/ Online dating is becoming more prevalent and it is not going away! (Isn't it usually the younger folks telling the older folks to "keep up with the times?")

In talking with young adults about online dating, it is obvious that some of them have grave misunderstandings of how online dating works. I recently posted this poll

What do you think is the biggest difference between online dating sites and meeting people through friends, family, school, etc?

and have, so far, received 73 votes in the poll. The results absolutely amaze me.

You never meet the people on dating sites and I want something that's in-person! This was the most common response, and 17% of all users identified this as a huge problem. In reality, I have never met anyone online who wanted to meet someone online and never meet in person.

Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?

In screening potential dating partners, geographic location is the first thing I select. I'm not interested in trying to "date" someone who lives on the opposite side of the planet, or even just 200 miles away. I don't look at profiles of women who do not live within 80 miles of me. And I think most other online daters feel the same way. Perhaps there are a few exceptions, but most of us want to meet in person and have a real relationship. It's incredible that anyone could think that people who do online dating are spending their lives just texting back and forth with a girl in Katmandu or Tupelo instead of spending time with a girl who lives four miles away.

People on dating sites are never what they pretend to be online, they use fake pictures, etc. This response was chosen by 16% of all users. Yes, it is true, there are scammers and catfish online, but . . . have you ever met someone in a bar, or at the grocery store, or some other innocuous place, and they presented themselves in terms that you later discovered were not entirely true? Of course you have. And it is a small fraction of the online dating profiles that make misrepresentations.

Over the course of all of my online dating, I actually met two women who clearly misrepresented themselves. One was ten years older than what her profile stated, and the other weighed about 60-70 pounds more than her online pictures showed.

Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?

People online are just looking for hookups. The third most common response received 13% of the votes. Some guys are just looking for hookups. Some girls are just looking for hookups. I hope those guys and girls find each other.

Yes, some people online may mislead you and misstate their intentions as "looking for LTR" when what they are looking for is nothing more than sex. Ever been introduced to a friend of a friend . . . or met a guy in sociology class . . . who acted like the serious type until he had two drinks in you and was tugging at your panties on the first date?

People on dating sites are mostly losers. This response got 10% of the votes.

He DOES look like a loser!
He DOES look like a loser!

In the course of my online dating, I have dated a retired judge, an accountant, two realtors, an office manager, a physician, a teacher, and two professors. A very good male friend is now using online dating and he is a very successful attorney. And online apps have some losers, too. Online women (or men) have variety, just like all the women (or men) your family and friends want you to meet.

You already know something about the person you meet online by reading their profile. This observed primary difference was noted by 10% of the respondents and it actually favors online dating. Yes, I know, people can misrepresent themselves in their profiles, but that is a small percentage of online daters. After an initial "hi, I read your profile" message, you exchange a few messages, you have a few phone conversations, and then you meet in person. In 2015, I met a woman online and we probably spent 6-8 hours on the phone (intensely) before we met in person a few weeks after the first DM. At that point, I knew more about her than many women I had met at school and dated.

How well you know someone before that first meeting is up to you and your style of dating, but remember that the purpose of dating IS to get to know someone better.

Are you convinced? Probably not. People develop their biases and they tend to stick with them. But if you have any doubts, maybe you should re-think online dating.

Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?
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  • NicoletteXO
    Thank you! This is an excellent, and very well written, Take.

    I made what I thought was a very innocuous comment on another related MyTake (Men: Avoid Online Dating Apps by SunnyFlorida). My suggestion was that instead of writing an intro message of "hey" or "how ru" - then getting no responses - a man could improve his success with just a few simple tweaks.

    You know what? Not one man said "ok, what are those simple tweaks?". Instead, I received three days worth of vitriol and argumentation.

    What you did was different.

    As you mentioned "When I hit a rut with several serial rejections, I asked the last female user who had rejected me if she would mind offering me a critique of my profile."

    Now THAT is the attitude of a man who is likely to succeed! Instead of bitching and moaning, actually get solutions-focussed.

    I think the actions you took demonstrated you are a man of humility, fortitude, creativity and intelligence.

    It's easy to 'blame the apps'... but really, there are a lot of men who have success on them. And those men are doing things differently to the ones who don't.

    I don't care how physically attractive a man is, if he has no bio, I won't swipe right - because I can see he is making no effort and trading on his genetics. So what that means, is that a man who is not as good looking, but has an awesome bio, will do better than a guy who looks like Superman but is lazy. You don't need to be perfect, you just need to invest something into the process. And if what you're doing is not working, seek another way. If you don't know another way, ask for help!

    I hope that, even though sadly men won't listen to women on this issue, they might listen to another man.

    Anyway, once again, a great piece! I think, a service to the community :)
    Is this still revelant?
    • I've never perused men's profiles, of course, but women tell me that guys have short profiles that really don't say anything and they send initial messages like "Hi!"

    • If your profile and messages show that you take this seriously, then women are more likely to respond.

    • It's true. I get around 10-20 'hey' or 'hey cutie' intro messages on Tinder a day. I have to admit it irritates me. Obviously, I'm going to answer the messages from men who actually make an effort. Though this simple fact seems to offend so many guys on this site. One actually said "you expect more than a 'hi'? What do want, a monkey dance?'. My thoughts were, no, I want a sophisticated and thoughtful man who doesn't consider writing a sentence to be an impost on his day. Someone who is actually motivated to invest in a deeply fulfilling mutual connection.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • BossThe2nd
    People are put off from online dating for one simple reason- insecurity.

    Seeing the sheer amount of people "on offer" can be really intimidating.
    Knowing that you are "competing" against all these other people, many of which you probably perceive as having qualities and looks superior to your own, it doesn't feel good.
    All these excuses about online dating being "shallow" and whatever are simply copes for the fact that rejection sucks.

    You just have to get out of that mindset.
    Not being swiped right on, conversations fizzling out or even not being initiated to begin with- none of that is in any way a personal attack or an indication of anyone's worth or "dating value".

    You weren't the right match for that particular person, that's all.
    Thank the person for not wasting your time and move onto the next one.
    It's not a contest, it's just getting to know people.
    Simple as that.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Well put!

    • Exactly! Don't get your feelings hurt; just go on to the next profile.

    • kc_4308

      I don’t have insecurities I don’t care for online dating and online dating doesn’t work for everyone some of us prefer meeting the old fashioned way

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  • ManOnFire
    Great post, and excellent details about what makes your profile work. I've been on dating sites in the past and they never really worked for me. I had a few conversations with women here and there but it never went anywhere. And I definitely do hate those fake profiles! I think for me I don't have the knack for it because I am too much of an in-person type guy. I never have any issues with talking or flirting with women face to face. I have a lot of confidence with them in person, and I enjoy being able to read their body language and make them laugh up close.

    I think I'm just so used to that, that online dating is the opposite for me: not enough confidence, uncertain of who I'm really talking to, and feeling like I really have to be and say something super cool, special, or interesting to really get a response or a date. When talking to women face to face, it all just flows for me, and the more I mingle with them the easier it gets. I guess I am old-fashioned like that.

    However, I did meet 2 women on an app that isn't even for dating. The first one I met up with one night on a sort-of date a few years ago but we didn't really talk anymore after that, and the second one I met there I hooked up with and later on we did get into a real relationship. Guess my luck was just funny with those, but overall I have never really been successful with online dating.
    • My strategy online has always been to try to get them talking on the phone as quickly as possible, and then suggest an initial face-to-face meeting within the next week. I dislike online communications and I want to move past that as quickly as possible. Most women are open to that as long as they don't feel pressured.

    • ManOnFire

      Nice tip. I will definitely have to keep that in mind.

  • coachTanthony
    Nice read man. Just saw this on the front page of GAG. You obviously know how I feel since I do this for a living so I am happy to see you have had success with it and understand the in's and out's. I think most guys once they fail they never try again and will just die on that sword. Probably why most my clients are women, women don't give up but seek to learn.
    • It seems that many guys would rather have an excuse for failure than look for a path to success. If that is the "fighting spirit" they have to offer, perhaps it is best that they nor procreate! (And I know many guys who are 19-25 years old who are great guys with a string will to succeed, but too many of these guys are veterans of the participation ribbon events!)

  • lilyanony1
    I was successful when meeting guys on tinder, I also was able to meet up as you say on first dates and very quickly figured out the time wasters etc etc.

    I didn't mind going on dates but I didn't like the quality of the men coming out from them.

    There are a lot of guys that use online dating as an opportunity to play a game.
    They even go as far as to tell you about other dates.

    I'm not entirely sure of guys like this grow up. And that maturity gap is getting further and further away.

    I'm tired.

    I could do the dressing up and going out thing but I just can't be bothered.

    I've never had a time like this where I've been single for a year or two.
    Obviously the pandemic has played a part in this.
    So I'm not sure if it counts.
    I also haven't ever lost a parent before.

    It's unwise and unhealthy for me to date under these current circumstances.

    I hear and appreciate what you've said, maybe when the times right this type of advice will resonate more.
    • I am glad to have at least had you pause and ponder the matter.

    • It's nice to hear the honesty of a successful person. You offer insight from a few angles. You were even confident enough to seek feedback most guys don't well not without insulting you first. Only to use it to ensure they get a quick lay. Ugh!
      I'm 30 I feel like flings were the thing of my 20's. You know.

    • Yes, I do know! I have had meaningless sex decades ago and learned that what I really need is a good relationship, not just good sex.

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  • Lionman95
    I think you got some right points and I think one of the reasons it worked for you is but my reason to stop with online dating is something different. It´s being too average in life choices and physical looking.
    I started online dating hoping it would help to get in contact with women on an easier level due to me not standing right before her so I thought I have more time coming up with a good conversation starter.
    But that was just theory because I mostly used the wrong dating pages and I rarely got a conversation going because it´s one thing meaning rejected by a woman. That way I might have learned something for sure but most of the times I´ve simply been ignored.
    There are many dating pages where I come from that use bot profiles without telling you that they do. Meaning profiles that are made by people who are paid that way. They are paid to keep you going and on the track while trying not show that they are just there to keep you paying and interested in you at all on a deeper level.
    I´ve been tricked or at least I feel I´m tricked this way three times on different platforms by women I´ve been writting with. They used many methods to keep me going like fake instragram profiles with vacation pics and follower accounts. They gave me Snaps and stuff but they never met me and when I asked for a meeting they canceled them at the last second coming up with excuses like a migrane, train cancelling...
    For me being tricked quite often+ being simply ignored most of the times are the main reasons I´m not using dating apps anymore.
    • If it doesn't work for you and you have a better alternative, go for it!

    • Lionman95

      Yeah I stopped dating alltogether. I don´t blame women about it, it´s just frustrating not worth it for me.

  • markayd
    I don't think your mytake really posted anything factual or valuable. Its just your version of online dating from your own personal experience. But one accurate fact of online dating is: your matches depend highly on your own physical attractiveness. Everything is about physical attractiveness when it comes to online dating. If you're an average looking girl getting messages from guys, you're probably just the only girls that he thinks he can manage to get.
    • "If you're an average looking girl getting messages from guys, you're probably just the only girls that he thinks he can manage to get." If that's what you believe, then yo probably also think that if you are an average looking girl sitting in a bar and a guy buys you a drink, you're probably just the girl who he thinks it will be easiest to score with that night. You assume that all men are shallow and attitudes like that are usually very obvious to guys. Maybe that is part of the reason for your experiences with guys.

    • markayd


      Just letting you know that most people don’t meet their significant others at bars. The bar scene doesn’t work, usually Are filled with indecent men looking for hookups. Most people meet their significant others through mutual friends or acquaintances or social gatherings such as parties / events.

      And people don’t tend to go for those that are the easiest to get. People will go for anything that they can “manage to get”. There is a huge difference

    • markayd


      People are shallow because they can afford to be shallow. Young men in their 20s are most shallow. Then men gradually become less shallow with age as they grow more mature and time starts running out as they approach their mid to late 30s. Most people are picky and shallow when they are the best looking stages in life where they have a ton of unlimited options.

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  • Floppy2112
    I know exactly how it works. They scam you into buying a subscription by using bots to feign interest in you. Now you have joined a community that is 80% men. Then all your matches end of being onlyfans girls trying to get you to subscribe to their channel and a few scrubs who aren't all that great, but tend to have unrealistic expectations and more kids than you could think of having.
    And I had a 'good experience' meaning I actually got dates. They were not great dates, but it was something.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Hey OaW. One thing I didn't see but would have liked to see you cover is the context of your profile. For instance, during your editing processes, did you consider they type of women your profile was designed to attract, and what were the pros and cons that you've run into with edits on that level?
  • lightbulb27
    Hope you are doing well OAW. They say, once you go "Asian", there's no return. True?

    Any comparison of the paid / personality vs the free ones?

    If you can't meet the person, it's pointless and not real.
    • I agree about "dating" online and ever meeting being pointless, but I've never met anyone who wanted that. It's a crazy myth that somehow stays alive.

  • joshctlee
    Online dating for me has been a lot of just no replies and dead conversations. I’ve met a few very nice girls who I dated. 2 serious relationships I got out of it over the past 5 years. And I've dated about 6 people in total online.

    Can’t say I’m satisfied with online dating.

    Complete waste of money
    • Do you have better experiences with meeting people by the traditional methods?

    • joshctlee

      No it’s worse in person the traditional way. I mean, yeah you always meet people the traditional way of course. But I’ve never had a serious relationship the traditional way

    • So perhaps the problem is not whether you meet women via traditional methods vs. online, but it is something else.

  • Mossberg500
    I don't need to read all that to know it's a waste of time for men. And the women... well lets just say you're better off picking a girl up at a bar. Finding a decent reliable trustworthy partner on Tinder, you may as well be looking for a Unicorn, or join a BigFoot enthusiast group (Honestly, you'd be more likely to meet a good woman that way, even if she's a little loopy)
    • Did you know that there are many different dating sites and they aren't all like Tinder? As for it being a waste of time, perhaps it was a waste of time for you, but "a nationally representative 2017 survey of American adults and found that about 39 percent of heterosexual couples reported meeting their partner online, compared to 22 percent in 2009." So it obviously isn't a waste of time for others.

    • I don't believe in sample surveys or polls. Especially after the political shit-show of the last 5 years. Very few people won't skew numbers to serve their interests.

      I have considered Christian-Mingle from the suggestion of a friend. But to me I can't get over the fact that it's essentially prostitution without the sex, and the Pimp is the 'service' offering 'potential' love for $.

      That's not even mentioning the huge disparity in ratio of Women to men on these sites. How does that serve my interest as a male?

      Wanna know the best way I've found to meet women? Go out and do things, alone. That way the single women are less likely to be intimidated to approach, or give a flirty hint from a distance.

      Please inform why paying to be in pool of 10/1 Male, and why/how the woman would be more likely to pay attention to me? You know there is roughly an equal number of men and women in the world? And I don't even have to pay to increase my odds/chances!

    • Your arguments don't defeat my experience. If I end a relationship and I want to start dating again, I can go online and have a date within a week. . . and the woman is not a prostitute of any variety.

      I can't tell you that your experience didn't happen; obviously, you had these experiences. But that doesn't mean that every other guy has had the same experiences.

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  • crazy8000
    There are a wide variety of individuals on online dating services.
    The funny thing is that there are a lot of people with severe psychological health problems that shouldn't be there in the first place, those that need to get professional treatment.
    Many of those act like they are after something they aren't to get some quick fix without regard of the other one.
    Some even are serial monogamist because of that.
    Fuck around is one of the most common behavior no matter gender.

    There are a very low quota of people that have what it takes for each person that doesn't happen to fall into what I mentioned above.

    Also a lot haven't realized certain things when it comes to human psychology and behavior when it comes to that kind of way to communicate and learn to know someone.

    Not gonna go into that since majority aren't ready to understand it and most likely try to deny it. even try to paint themselves to be a acception.

    The only thing im gonna say is.
    Air castles building.
    • So many psychologically damaged people on these apps. It’s actually scary. Met my abusive ex on one of them. Refused to meet plenty of others.

  • b5fan
    If the goal of dating is to obtain a stable long term marriage lasting decades. Your experience actually proves the point to avoid these sites. I mean no offense and in your case I hope I am wrong. However you had one failed marriage lasting 4 years and several 2 year relationships from these sites. This proves the point that users of these sites tend to look at people as objects that can be cast aside on a whim... after all your replacement is a swipe away.
    • I understand why you might consider that analysis as valid but I sense that you have not done much online dating, because my actual experience is other than what you suggest.

      The history of most successful relationships is that, for both partners, they were preceded by a string of unsuccessful relationships. Every coupling is based on some initial attraction but that doesn't mean that the pairing will have what it takes to succeed and, eventually, you learn that this other person is really a good person, but not the right person for you. That is why you date for many months or a few years before marriage instead of getting married on the second date.

      If the measure of whether a dating method works is whether it allows to to avoid having failed relationships, then no method works, because almost all of us will have some bad relationships, whether we date online or by meeting people at school, the workplace, through friends, etc.

      For me, all that online dating adds to the mix is opportunities to meet more women, and other women, than I would met by the traditional methods. And it has succeeded. When those relationships ended, it wasn't because the women had no commitment to dating. And none of those women had an attitude that I was dispensable because they could easily return to the dating site and find another guy.

  • kc_4308
    I’d never online date sorry and if I were to date it wouldn’t be American men. As you stated you met women overseas - investing in this current climate and country not good for someone like me
    • No, I didn't meet women overseas. I met all of those women in the US.

    • kc_4308

      Ok well have you ever considered online dating doesn’t work for everyone? It’s too available and desperate - besides I don’t want to date anyone out of state as in I don’t do LDR

    • kc_4308

      Anyone can pretend to be anyone online / then what?

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  • 19magic
    It's probably how I'll end up finding my future partner tbh though would you agree or disagree with the paid services has less time wasters and more relationship seeking people
    • Yes, absolutely!

    • kc_4308

      But why spend a monthly subscription you could just meet partners in places where their single for free

    • @kc_4308 Why don't you suggest some of those places where you meet single people in person?

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  • emilley_
    I’ve watched enough lifetime movies to know online dating is creepy as hell. I don’t like dating sites and I don’t online date but I’m not opposed to meeting someone I connected with online on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, that kind of that but an app with the intent on dating? Absolutely fucking not.
    • If all that you know is gleaned from Lifetime movies, you are doomed to a life of paranoid fear and isolation. Television is as unrealistic as movies, but you must decide what is comfortable for you.

    • emilley_

      The movies are based on a true story. Now do you feel silly?

    • Not at all. What true story do they choose to make into a movie? The story about the couple that met, fell in love, got married, had children, and lived happily ever after? Or the story about the guy who was a serial murderer and met his victims online? Which do you think happens more often?

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  • Adam1978
    I think you age and sex and your location heavily influence your experience on the dating sites. And obviously how good picture and profile. This take is from a person who is dating women in a age that didn't go completely bonkers. I fully understand why people my age and younger find them being a complete waste of time.
    • They’re a huge waste of time for anyone my age. Nothing good has ever come out of it and I’ve been on them since I was 20.

  • Jamie05rhs
    Good take. by the way, I'm sorry I forgot to vote in your poll earlier, but I did now. The reason I prefer online dating is because you can find out a little bit about who a person is before deciding if you want to talk to them or not.
  • EssenceOfLight
    It seems you invested lot of time into online dating. My personal adventure with online dating few years back gave me the feel of an animal on slaughter market that even still alive its value depends on its ham, loin and neck meat quality.
    • Do you feel any differently if you walk into a singles bar?

  • Slartybartfast
    Online dating, where men compete to win the attention of women who couldn't get a date in real life.
    • Through online dating, I have dated a retired judge, a physician, two real estate agents, and office manager and other professional women. . . who were all reasonably attractive for their age. If you have had a horrible experience online, you have my condolences.

    • After three weeks online I gave up dating altogether, that over a decade ago. I was thirty. I really have to hand it to the men who are masochistic enough to enjoy dating.

      Id rather get unnecessary dental work than ask a women out.

  • whirled_up_girl
    Thanks for that write up! I haven’t tried online dating yet but several of my friends met their spouses through online dating so I’ve considered it. Reading your write up makes my strongly want to consider it!
  • RealMarek
    This is an excellent MyTake that expresses much of what I experienced with online dating, especially recognizing it as a numbers game (don’t get discouraged by rejections) and the importance of having a thoughtful profile.
  • AviatorTom
    I met several women via online dating sites, had good relationships with them, and even married one.
    • People who do not understand online dating want to trash it but you and I are good examples of how it can work very well.

  • exitseven
    I am married but I really found this interesting. I do not know anyone who has had any luck on online dating sites. It is good to see that you were able to navigate the whole thing and have had some positive experiences. Thanks for the MyTake.
  • bolverk
    I've never used on-line dating and most likely never will, with me travelling for work around the globe I've had the good luck to meet and date some good looking women of various nationalities but they were never serious relationships.
  • Miristheiss
    I actually have never done it. I'm married and I met her the traditional way. I've heard of online dating but I've never actually done it.
  • Shiningtempest
    @OlderAndWiser Your Take taught me that online dating is just as volatiles as asking a person out on a date through face-to-face interaction.
    • Yes, online is just another venue for meeting women, but you have may more opportunities online. Once you make the initial connection, it's just like any other dating.

  • BillyBalls
    The original "online dating system" was a bar stool in the local hot spot.
  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    Well spoken and very thought provoking. It is refreshing that you have brought good information and personal experience into your myTake.

    I've learned something new today and I thank you for your service on this matter.
  • LuvMeSomeBoys
    Very thorough and interesting MyTake. Thanks for taking the time to write it!
  • CutySlender
    it doesn't work people have other intentions its either to scam o just wanna mingle. Thats y im scared of getting involved although we also meet wrong people even in old fashion way. As much as i would like to mee someone that i would love meet someone we can love each other but online ha a
  • Wester1967
    Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?I understand this much. Should qualify with "Some" women. You know who they are
  • JasmineSydney
    Well really online dating worked for a female friend of mine she is now happily married with two kids, that's why I'm hell bent but not that desperate in finding mine here too I wish to have a good experience working the online dating here
  • CallmeTheKnight
    Online dating companies trick men into buying premium memberships and send bots to talk to these men for a couple messages to get the addicted.
  • Likes2drive
    That’s very good advice and obviously online dating is getting more popular, I was never the type to meet someone in a bar anyway
  • Willoughby23
    I met three girls from online dating. One was a one night stand, the second was a fuck buddy for a few months, the third let me suck her titties and said I could fuck but she was on her period so I said no.
  • MJtheCoach
    Yes as a guy I’m always too ugly to Stupid into slow and one wrong thing does ignore me.
    And I’m just a side thing..
  • m33lad
    They’re all disgusting except the 2nd chick with dark hair
  • noohair
    I do not understand anything about women.
  • JesseJayNeak
    It hardly ever works
    • "a nationally representative 2017 survey of American adults and found that about 39 percent of heterosexual couples reported meeting their partner online, compared to 22 percent in 2009."

  • cassava13
    Could I chat to you sometime
  • serious
    This is a very good my take.
  • Asianguy123
    same as real world.
    • The initial meeting online and getting to the point of talking on the phone is certainly different. Once you start talking voice-to-voice, it is almost the same as meeting IRL.

  • shayes904
    What is this “online” you speak of…?
  • Anonymous
    • I rarely watch videos that others post instead of leaving their own written reply.

    • Anonymous

      Your choice, the videos say it better than I can.

  • Anonymous
    I’m in my early 40sand I have tried to do both online and offline dating by asking women out. I have been constantly rejected by women and get scammed as well and still do. How do you know what is real or not. Why does it feel like people don’t like you and never want? How can you change people minds or the person you want to be with because you want them in your life and love you like you do and Care for them.
  • Anonymous
    Probably better than anyone. Scammers too.
    • Anonymous

      Nice Mytake.