How to understand what he REALLY wants from you. Sex buddies or Relationship?


Perhaps,the most common thing women ask themselves is "What does he really want from me?" Well, welcome backstage,to find out his intentions.

How to understant what he REALLY wants from you. Sex buddies or Relationship?

His phone
In your presence, he will literally forget that he had a phone. He will most certainly, not have time to open his Facebook, unless you have to go to the bathroom to powder your nose and refresh yourself. If it was not previously stated, that your date must end, because of an urgent engagement, his interest in "What time is it?" will be zero.

Man, who wants something more serious with you, will never allow himself to talk about sex at the beginning of your conversation, on the first or second date. This is because when a men likes a woman a lot and has serious intentions towards her, sex is in no way a priority. This does not mean, that he doesn't want you. When he really likes you, he is being scared not too be too cautious with the subject, because if he is, you will percieve it the wrong way and things will develop badly,right? This is what men try to avoid,when It's much serious.

P.S. Ignore the foolish idea of testing him and be the first,who starts talking about sex. It's not the way to do this! And what kind of real response would you hope for? "Oh, no, no! There is no such thing, I'm not this type of guy, I would like to get to know you first!". Do not do experiments,they are not in your favor!

P.P.S It is not impossible to talk about sex at an early stage and still want something serious, but the chances are more than minimal.

When you write him, he answers almost instantly. If he doesn't answer quickly, he then gives an account of what he was doing, and why he answered you late, without being asked.

Other women
You will not see him staring at other women. When your he's in your company, for him there is no other girl in the room. He will not talk about intercourse or sympathy related to other women.

P.S I'm not saying that, he will totally stop staring other women's ass, he will not do it in front of you.

Why you askin' all em' questions?
He will ask you questions of any kind and will show serious interest in anything related to your life. Yes, he would really care, which was your favorite subject in school, what is your opinion on GDP and which animal you want to look like. (Not really,but still !!!)

If last time you were having coffee, he will not propose of doing the same. He will continually invent new things to do together. It is very likely for him, to show you his favorite hobby and make you a part of the nonsense he likes.

Chris Rock
No, he is not training his repertoire, wherewith he intends to break into stand-up comedy. He is trying to make you laugh at any time. Is he accomplishing it? This is a completely different topic, but the important thing is, that he puts effort.

His friends
Maybe after the restraint on the sex theme, the desire of introducing you to his closest friends, is extremely indicative of serious intentions.

P.S However,have that in mind. For some it is a very significant gesture, for others it is completely insignificant.

By the
Invitations like this, are not his style - "I'm going out with some of my friends,"somewhere" If you want,you can come." Requests to see you, are going to be clearly stated. In this case, the selection of words is very important, because the difference in the "If you want ..." and "Come!" is colossal.

He is not bothered of demonstrating closeness to you in public places. He does not care who is watching and what would others think.

You will inevitably encounter such individuals who will skillfully simulate everything, just to get in your panties and be happy. Catching those crooks, is up to you.

How to understand what he REALLY wants from you. Sex buddies or Relationship?
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  • Anonymous
    I remember I had a "fwb" that didn't cared about me, only my body for his pleasure (I felt the same way with him). And he introduced me to his closest friends, he never used his phone when he was with me, he kissed me in public (even when he is kind of famous in my city), etc...
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    • A friends with benefits in reality is telling you to your face good enough to fuck but not good enough to invest feelings in

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I know. But there are many people, girls especially that think that they might have a chance with this guy if they keep fucking them... and my these signs they get confused.

Most Helpful Guy

  • ShadowFan12
    Am I the only one who thinks this is a load of crap?
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  • Overactivetits
    This is the biggest heap of bullshit i've ever heard. You know nothing about men. even when a man wants a relationship, he still wants a sex buddy. there's nothing wrong with either. and the rest of what you said is even dumber.
    • KleinTeef

      Agreed lol!

    • Yeah, men develop sexual feelings quickly, and have none of the cultural bias to not engage when attracted. Wanting to have sex right away does not mean that the man does not have deep feelings. It must be taken case by case, sadly.

    • deep feelings develop over time. wanting to bone is instantaneous. its the same way for women, they just pretend their mind doesn't work like that for whatever weird reason

  • MarkyyG123
    A good take but to be used as a guide only for reference. As always, and with both males and females, an individuals reactions are just that, individual specific. You can hope to predict them but you will never really know 100%. Play it safe and be smart. All in all I liked this one :) Good job
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    No, just no. This is utterly offensive to me and at least unhelpful to women, if not harmful through it's implications. I can't address all your assertions at the moment, I'm too irked. But those last couple of lines, wow. Guys may or may not do one or more of these things and then you say that it could all be a trick, throwing all your assertions up in the air and returning women to square one. Way to go champ.
  • YourFutureEx
    Hahaha.. I enjoyed reading. You're player resistant.

    I didn't understand the:

    Invitations like this, are not his style - "I'm going out with some of my friends,"somewhere" If you want, you can come." Requests to see you, are going to be clearly stated. In this case, the selection of words is very important, because the difference in the "If you want..." and "Come!" is colossal.

    part. Please elaborate simply.
    • Asking you to go somewhere won't be vague, he will be very forward and persistent about you coming.

    • @Michelle892 - Thank you so much :)
      Does that really matter 'that much'?

    • @YourFutureEx No problem! I don't think it really matters, but i've noticed in the past i've done it subconsciously like if I really wanted someone to come I would always say "You should come!" never "You can come if you want.." I think it really just shows that someone is really interested in you being there not just posing the offer to be polite :)

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  • Greece1990
    All guys want sex and only want relationships with girls they deem as relationship material and what that is varies from guy to guy.

    Now you have correct advice.
  • Substance
    whats so wrong with sex tho…. its how you are meant to bond its what keeps you wanting each other….
    not anymore.. you gotta, look cool, out on a date, avoiding everything sexual…. chatting the night away, but still going back home alone disappointed and a shrivelled up penis?
    • KillerTaco

      Actually sex isn't perpetuated as "bonding" or "connecting" anymore. Its all about filling a desire, nothing more nothing less.

    • Disagree, sex is the ultimate bonding experience, or it can be. Odd how men wish to do it so quickly with someone they like. Not so say that there aren't people who overdo sex, but they are lonely, sad people in the end.

  • pooper89
    There are some good points here. If he wants a relationship, yes, he'll definitely show interest in your life. There are some players who are really quite good at the game though, but the ultimate telltale sign is that he wants to be an important part of your life and makes an effort to do so. He suggests doing activities together that don't revolve around sex and are more extensive in their involvement. He'll spend more money on you, etc.
    • Leave money out of the discussions please, and we will leave out looks.

    • pooper89

      It's a valid point though.

  • Imupforit
    If you want sex lean in for a kiss and tug his penis. If you just want to fuck with his head, follow this thread.
  • JackKerouac77
    Interesting take. Not sure I want a sex buddy, but OK.
  • soneoak
    Guys, this too.

    But change it to "does she only want my money/the attention, or is she really for the relationship?"

    In it though, add these few things.

    "She demonstrates disgust at ANYTHING sexual in topic"

    "She DOESN'T flirt with you AT ALL"

    "She expects you to pay for EVERYTHING"

    "She NEVER initiates any contact"

    "She NEVER ANSWERS IMMEDIATELY, and doesn't bother to give an account when she does so".

    "She doesn't make you laugh"

    Actually, just summarise it as this:

    "She puts in very little effort or none at all, probably the 'bare minimum' to make it seem like there's something going on, but clearly, there's a huge discrepancy in the level of fairness dealt out. She probably has a guy on the side too."
  • micheal727jovanie
    I dub this the player repellent
  • Anonymous
    What if we talked about waiting on having sex during the first date, since we both don't feel like we know each other well enough to go that far just yet? Also he introduced me to his best friend a few days later.
  • Anonymous
    Good take...
  • Anonymous
    I would have to say if you really feel like investing in someone, you want to do stuff with them. I really was not comfortable with introducing my GF to my friends until I really felt she was ok with it. You can never gage a guys intentions , until he want to go fast. From experience, Most girl really just need to see his bahavoir around her. IT ALL ABOUT BODY LANGUAGE! words are just words, actions really tell the difference.
  • Anonymous
    How would a girl know what a guy wants lol.