He brings up other girls around me does that mean he's not really interested in me?

He makes it seem like he likes me a lot but then my friend was in the car, and my friend asked about the movie he went to and she said "Who did you go with?" He said "Sara..." (which is me) and was looking at me and I am looking at him like "huh?" and he said it again "Sara..." and then I laughed, and then he said "I went with Kelly and Chris and so on" It seemed like he didn't want to say it or something. Kelly has been his secret girlfriend or something. They act like boyfriend and girlfriend but yet he denies going out with her.

So, he doesn't bring up girls all the time, but he'll mention Kelly here and there and some other girls, but he was showing me a pic and he said "I fucked that girl, but that other girl is a bitch" and he would just say things like that. Yet, when I bring up guys he gets really silent or gets extremely jealous and/or cuts me off midway and gets disgusted.

So, he was driving and my friend was in the front seat and I was in the back, and my friend kept on saying "You're looking, you're looking" to him and I noticed he kept looking at me in the rearview mirror, and When I said "Looking at what?" they didn't answer me, lol. Then he invites me to his softball game and I don't know if I should go. Because Kelly is going to be there, and it might be awkward. I don't know what do you think? Like why would he invite to his game knowing Kelly is going to be there? Does that mean he has no interest in me cause he kinda talks about other girls? Just curious. What should I do? lol. Thank you!


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  • Maybe the best thing you can do is asking him straightforwardly if he has feelings for Kelly. You would finally stop worrying and also showing him you care. Maybe he will even get the fact he makes you feel jealous talkiing so much about her... Honesty is the best way. And if he really likes you and if you ask calmly, he'll understand your worries.


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  • 1. This guy is probably committed to 'Kelly' in some secret pact way
    2. But he is attracted to you for sure
    3. He's probably trying to get out of Kelly or keep her & still have you
    4. He talks about 'fucking' some girl to watch your reaction
    5. Inviting you to the game knowing Kelly's going to be there says that he can drop Kelly for you
    6. Asking him straight up won't yield results as desired, I very much doubt it cause if he could come out straight then he'd have by now. He doesn't want to lose the bird in hand for bird in busy & there is also a quotient of guilt towards Kelly here maybe :) But no harm in asking :) :)

    • Yeah, if I ask him though, he won't give me straight answers. Cause I asked him before, and he said they weren't dating, but yet other people said they were dating, so he would just lie to me anyways. But that's why it's difficult, lol. But I think you're right! It's just odd, cause I really don't know what to do or what to think, but thank you! :)

    • Well then ask Kelly ;) :D it may open up another aspect of this predicament :)

  • I agree with Happycatus on this one


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