Should I be jealous or mad at my boyfriend because he snapchats another girl and she's above me on his bestfriends?

So today I checked my boyfriends besties on snapchat. & to my surprise a girl had taken my place and was now #1.. It got me really jealous but I don't want to come off as the over protective girlfriend. 😭what should I do?


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  • mention it to him calmly...don't freak out on him like "who is that girl you can't ever talk to any girls besides me ever!!!" but yeah, you have a right to be offended. Everyone knows snapchat can be used for dirty things, and while I'm sure you trust your boyfriend, it doesn't look good to have another girl above you. Just calmly mention it to him, hopefully he'll understand. If not, start snapping tons of guys and see what happens

    • Im afraid he's always telling me he loves me and stuff. But hell yea im snapchatting all of my guy friends. All of his bestfriends are girls. So why not. & last time he told me how a random girl had snapchatted him asking him if she could suck him up and he told me he had been like no I have a girlfriend and that slut had been like she doesn't have to know!

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    • Well I wouldn't jump to conclusions, but it's a possibility. I would confront him and maybe figure out who this other girl is he's talking to and try and get some insight on why in the world he is snapping her more than you.

    • Thanks for mh :) how'd it end up?

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  • Lol another girl is above my gf on my snapchats bf list.
    Just a friend.

    Depends on his relationship with said friend.

  • I have this problem with just a crush :/ even though its just pictures.. it still makes me sad from time
    to time thinking about it


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