The world record friend zone championship winner?

So basically the first week of school I'm in a class with some really shy girl who didn't know anyone at the school so I was nice and sat next to her and basically we quickly become good friends and eventually a few days later I had developed somewhat of a crush on her (this all happened this week) and she was talking about about cuts she was interested in and i made a joke about her being non inclusive and that she was a child abuser and in response she said that she had only thought of me as a friend so, literally the world record for fastest time to the friend zone anyone think they can top that lol and also I'm curious about whether women have ever been in the friend zone before because I've never heard of it before


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  • I dont agree with the statement that the guy has made below. I have become attracted to guys in the way that you have met this girl. Just see how it develops. Act normal and see what happens.


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  • Dude.

    A girl knows almost instantly whether she's attracted to you or not. The "friendzone" is determined in a matter of seconds. Most of the time before you even open your mouth.

    And especially young ones, man. If she's talking to you and acting like she's comfortable around you, she's not interested. If she was interested, she'd be way too busy worrying about not saying anything stupid around you to actually hold a conversation.