Sadist or Masochist boyfriend? Help!?

Okay fine. So let me start by saying I'm a sadist too. And I have two guys right now ( not a boyfriend but I think I have a special relationship with them). I'm confiused between them right now. XD I enjoy hitting my masochist friend but now that he barely goes to school, this sadist friend of mine wants to court me but I haven't allowed him because I'm not yet sure about my feelings. I really want my masochist friend though >.< Anyway, what is the best partner of a sadist? a sadist or a masochist?


Most Helpful Girl

  • A masochist is better. Two sadists wouldn't work- not unless one sadist dominated over the other. But it probably wouldn't feel good after a while. I say go with the masochist.


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  • when you say you're a sadist you mean you enjoy stuff like burning your bf's skin or bang his head against the wall, etc?

    • Not those stuffs. I like to play with guys through punching them, hitting them, etc.

What Girls Said 1

  • Masochist, two sadists will compete for authority.


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