Girls: If my girlfriend ignores me/doesn't really try to comfort me when I cry, should I break up with her? What does it mean?

Girls: If my girlfriend ignores me/doesn't really try to comfort me when I cry, should I break up with her? What does it mean?

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  • I voted A.

    The role of the romantic partner ('cause it applies to both girlfriends and boyfriends) is to be there for you. Their job is to back you emotionally and be there for you. Their job is to be supportive and push you to be your best, but yet not demand ridiculous expectations (that's the job of parents :p). They are supposed to listen to you when you're upset and help you through the tough times. They're supposed to hold you when you cry and not judge you for it. They're supposed to accept who you are as a whole human being and love you for it.

    Crying occurs in a state of near if not total emotional vulnerability and to not recognize and appreciate that is not good for a romantic partner. If your significant other shows such raw emotion you are supposed to validate that and show them that it is okay and that you are capable of handling it when they do so. If you cannot be fully open with your romantic partner then you don't mesh well on the emotional end of a relationship.

    It's really up to you as to whether or not you want emotional support when you are at a low point, but if I could not be emotionally vulnerable with my boyfriend or if he couldn't with me I doubt we'd function very well as a couple.


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  • hmm, a good way to look at this since @Prettygurl12 has already answered this question very well is by comparing to to the vows in a marriage, for example "for better or worse, in sickness and in health" literally means that the couple should be there for each-other in the best & worst times of their life, not just when it suits them.

    if she loves you and she's serious about you she should try to comfort
    you even if she sucks at it - the effort counts, if not you should start
    questioning if she really does love you, cruel fact but true.

    • comparing it* damn i'm having a typo streak recently

    • Exactly- it's the effort. I'm not always great at comforting people, but I always try and I want them to know I care.

      This is weird to me- my partner usually knows when I'm upset before I even say anything and vice versa. Same with my friends :/

  • I can't answer your poll because this isn't necessarily a deal breaker, just an extreme form of miscommunication. I don't know whether she ignores you out of anger, ignorance, or she truly doesn't care. If this bothers you, which it clearly does, you need to discuss this issue with her.

  • Most girlfriends comfort their boyfriends when they are down, if it is a serious relationship.
    Perhaps her heart isn't really in it? Maybe it's passed the honeymoon period and she just doesn't feel for you like she used to when everything was new and exciting.
    Either way, she should at least make the effort to pretend she cares what's up with you.
    I couldn't imagine being with someone and feeling like they didn't care when I was down.

  • Why do you cry?

  • Some people are just not good in comforting others... That doesn't mean that she doesn't love u or anything.. U just have to talk to her and tell her how that made u feel.. And then decide.


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