GIRLS, the grab twist and pull?

Has any girl ever been taught this? my sister takes a self defence class and she said they taught her about it and that it will make a guy pass out within 8 seconds... is she lying? surely they don't teach girls this... that really annoys me if they do

ok so its made up then lol


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  • all that on a persons wrist? Ouch.

    I never tried it but if someone hurts me then I'll try it.. But only if I need to defend myself in a harmful fight.

    • what do you mean? do you mean it would hurt your wrist to do it to a guy?

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    • yeah sorry i guess i just assumed people would know what i was meaning. I didn't wanna sound rude, but its the grab, twist and pull of the testicles >.<

    • Ohh... I thought it was on a wrist! XD

  • no, never been taught.


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