She blocked me, but I know she likes me, do I make her nervous over the internet?

Okay so me and this girl have this thing going. And I know she likes me (I'm not delusional) I know this because Well We done things this morning. But she blocked me. I don't know does she care about what I think of her on social media? Or what? I'm not asking her because it's not of major concern. I'm just curious, to what you guys think. I know she likes me, she blushes bright red around me, she's nervous, and plays with her hair. Why would she block me? I won't judge her. Do I even make her nervous over the internet?

She blocks and unblocks me. I have an other idea as to why. Is she trying to get my attention? I got to admit. I spend little time with her. I'm really busy


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  • Maybe she's been so obsessed with you and stalking your profile so much she turned to abstinence lol


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  • She may not want people to know you're together...