Girls would you date a male nurse?

I am thinking of becoming a nurse because of high demand, good salaries, and less education. but the main thing holding me back would be girls when they hear I am a nurse would be turn off and do a full 180 turn. so I really need your opinions here if yes or no and why


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  • Guys usually end up in more intense nursing situations anyway (like ER or ICU) because of their personality...however if the only reason you're considering nursing is hight-demand, good sallery, and 4yr degree you should look into being a Clinical Laboratory Scientist a.k.a. Medical Technologist. 4yr degree. $60,000/yr depending on experience and where you work (which state) It has a worse job shortage than nursing, partly because it is not well advertised and partly because it is considered a stepping stone to Physician's Assistant (6yr degree) and other medical degrees (this is because you will have such a firm base in biochemistry, anatomy, body fluids, electrolytes, proteins, hemotology, immunoserology...) A CLS degree will enable you to work in the lab of a hospital processing specimens (wound swabs, urine, blood, CSF) 8 hr shifts 24/7, very task-oriented work, for someone who likes organization and a procedure. Requires an anylitical mind, and someone who likes to solve a puzzle.) but you could also work for the FBI or police or some private agency doing DNA fingerprinting, or work in research. CLS trains you to work in any laboratory setting.


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  • I'm with a male nurse (have been for a long time). I know there's a stereotype that's against it, but I try to ignore it and fight against it to try to contribute to a society one day where guys and girls won't feel like they have to act or be certain ways to be a legitimate or attractive person of their gender. I guess to me it's not the most attractive job in some ways, but that's okay with me. I do feel good about being with a man who is in a profession where he helps people, because I really value the action of helping people in others.

    But also.. you might not consider going into it unless you really like taking care of people, or really enjoy (ie. have a passion for) science/medicine or related fields you'd be practicing, because from what I've heard, most nursing jobs are VERY taxing:

    You have way more work to do than the time you have to do it, it's really hard to get a morning shift in most jobs (who gets their desired shift seems to be based on seniority, and even like 4 years into working in the field, you still don't get much of a chance for a 7-3, so you could only be able to work evenings (3-11) or nights... (11pm to 7am), and you often get put in really awkward/stressful positions, like where the law tells you to do one thing, but your supervisor tells you to do another. Or the law says to do it one way, but it's so impractical to do it that way, you might not want to or even feel like you *can* do it that way. But then you can loose your nursing license if you don't do it just right (but if your supervisor wants you to do it different, then you could get in trouble with them). And also most types of nursing jobs are strict about how and how many days you can take off ( like only 2 or 3 a year at some places)

    There are nursing jobs that don't have the above issues as much, like working in home health care, where you work with one patient, taking care of them at their house. But those also pay less. If you really enjoy taking care of people and/or medicine/science/biology or etc. then I would think people like that could enjoy and find the job fulfilling, but I know for my boyfriend (who doesn't enjoy the aspects of nursing, and originally went into it to get a good job), it's "hell" for him. (He's looking to get out of the field)

    If this could be you, see if there is another field out there that you might enjoy more. I always encourage people to follow their dreams, even, and especially when, they seem 'impossible' to work. you can make it work.There's a quote that's something like, "Find a job you love, and you will figure out how to make it work." (ie. financially, etc)

    But also, if you might not enjoy nursing that much, there may be other jobs that you would enjoy more that still offer some or all of the benefits you were thinking about nursing for.

    No matter what you choose, I wish you all the best of luck and success in what you do and your life.



  • Yes - what's not to like? Strong, caring, helpful and able to deal with trauma. A perfect date.

    Any women who isn't seriously impressed that you are a not good enough for you. Go for genuine - not superficial.

    And when you get your license - I have a boo-boo...(lol)

    Good luck!

  • a surgeon or a doctor would be better. but I certainly wouldn't the fact that a guy's a nurse against him, especially if he's a good one. nurses aren't given enough credit for what they do.

    the same is true with dental and vet technicians. they usually do more work than the actual dentists or veterinarians.

    • Curious- what makes being a doctor or surgeon better? That's a personal preference and this guy asked you about being a nurse - not what you have in mind for a perfect catch.

    • $$$ is all. you don't see nurses driving in Jaguars with "Doc Joe" on the plates.

    • And are you kidding? a doctor is far from ideal for me. I prefer the explorer, paleontologist, archaeologist kind of guy who make about $5 per year.

  • Dating a male nurse has been the best thing I ever did! Long hours and from what I heard from him nursing school is TOUGH but worth it in the end. It is good money if you work in a hospital and more than likely you will work nights 7pm-7am unless they do 8 hr shifts. My boyfriend has been a nurse for 5 years and works ICU and chooses nights. He doesn't work weekends and is an ICU Charge Nurse but that is after 5 years of grinding it out on shifts he hated, working hard as an ICU nurse and doing the grunt work. So if you are willing to do the hard work to get a job position you want with good hrs and good pay it's totally worth it! Keep in mind too that if you are not all in to liking the job fully you will not succeed. Trust me, get through nursing school before looking at dating anyway you won't have much time all your fellow nurse students will be your family and friends since you see them more than family or friends in your life lol. Also, when you get out if you find a girl who won't date you she's shallow. My boyfriend has so many great qualities that he is naturally good at and led him to this career(compassion, patience, sweetness, sense of humor, gentle, intelligent, etc..) Any girl who said she'd date a dr over a nurse is silly Dr's may make more money but most are dumb outside their field, stuck on themselves, and not as compassionate as nurses.

  • I date a male nurse and he is absolutely AMAZING. I work in the ER and he works in Oncology, a majority of our dates consists of cafeteria meals and sneaking goodbye kisses; we work complete opposite schedules - but he is caring, passionate and so willing to take care of me. I have a history of PEs and hypertension, he never misses a Drs approving even if he worked he night before, he checks my vitals, was the first person at my side when I was admitted to the ER - make nurses truly CARE about the people in their life's.

  • Yes, definitely! A guys career choice would never bother me. As long as he's chosen a path that makes him happy, then I'm happy. Wait, take that back. I wouldn't date a male stripper, drug dealer, or anything else that might affect my life or relationship with him. But you're good, I don't see anything wrong with being a male nurse. So go for it and find someone who loves you for you! Good Luck ! :)


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  • Why should you care? Anyone who would think less of you because of such things isn't worth worrying about. But. do people like me, who have to be in and out of hospitals all the time, a favor, and if "I really genuinely care about people and want to make their lives better" isn't part of the reason you want to become a nurse, do not do it. It is horrid to be in the hospital most of the time anyways, when the staff is just blatantly going through the motions of 'their job' to earn money and they don't care, it deeply affects some people for the worse.