My boyfriend always sends me long paragraphs?

i always respond to them and tell him i love him and everything about him but he always says that i dont show that i love him through text any options of what i should say to make him know that i love him I've tried a lot of methods such as explaining reasons why and everything but when he sends me a cute resopnce ill answer to the paragraph saying aw i love you and other stuff is their anything else i should add?


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  • no. you're doing pretty good :) he's probably insecure.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • Be like "Look bae, i love you so much and you know i do. I'm sorry that when we text and you send me long nice paragraphs and think that i don't care, it hurts bae because i do care. I just be speechless becasue your words just takes me away." Be like that and he'll probably understand.

  • quick option tell him to stop being a puss and to man up "show that i love him through text" why don't you just show him you love him to his face does texting really mean that much it sounds comical to me you should emphasize on how its not that big of a deal cause i am sorry but it just sounds stupid


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