My boyfriend cancels my date to hang out with another girl?

We plan for this date 3 days ago. Today, he cancels it because he was "busy" but won't tell me what is he busy about. I called him a lot of times but he didn't answer the phone. I asked his roommate where is he? His roommate hesitated for awhile but finally told me he saw him picking up by two girls and he told him he will hang out with them today. I never heard about this 2 girls so does his roommate. I confront him about that. He said those girls are his friends, and that he has his own social life I need to respect that. I didn't say anything about that but want some opinions. Is it okay to cancel my date to hang out with 2 other unknown girls? Should he be hanging out with this 2 girls until midnight but tell me he's "busy"? Obviously he's not that busy.


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  • Wooow if a girl canceled a date and hanged out with two guys... She is surely gonna get dumped right away... WHY?
    Because she is disrespecting me...

    Thats why you need to do the same and dump him... he is an asshole.. And looks like he doesn't care anything about you... thats really fucked up and doesn't even tell you that he is canceling the date...

    He maybe cheating or maybe just really hanging out but from my POV it looks like he is trying to find someone better than you...

    • I'm more concerned about him canceling me for someone else. I'm a little concerned about the 2 unknown girls though because I know all his close friends I never heard of these 2 chicks. And to cancel me for them? Something is not right there!
      I told him "It seems like you don't give a fuck about hurting me and my feelings, and you're being very disrespectful to me". He said "Don't say that. It's not true. Don't talk about that again. You make me very tired." then rolls down the bed and sleeps...

    • Like i, said his actions tell that he is not interested in you.. or doesn't care about you...

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  • Don't buy into that bullshit. He can hang out with friends anytime.. if you guys had a date then as your bf.. someone who is supposed to care for you and want to be with you.. he shouldn't have done that. Sounds shady to me.

    • Yeah, I'm more upset about him canceling me then he hangs out with his "friends"...
      However, he hangs out with 2 girls, really? I know all his close friends, and never heard of these 2 girls before. I think there's a problem there too.

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  • The problem is not the 2 girls the problem is the lie. Why confront him, it serves no purpose. You may be the only one who thinks he is your boyfriend. end it.

    • We're together for 1 year all his friends know I'm his girlfriend.

  • Dump his sorry ass. That is f-ed up.

    • I said he should not go out with the two unknown girls again, especially cancel me to go with them. He said they're his friends he needs a social life and I cannot control him.

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    • I told him "then you lied to me and that's not okay". He said he wasn't lying, he was really "busy" with his social life hanging out with his "friends".

    • Oh so he thinks he got you through a technicality? Seriously? What he did was deceitful. It was deliberate. Call it what you will, it was disrespectful. The end.

  • He banging them... lol

    • Is it really that safe to say that?

  • Safe to say it's time for a new boyfriend...

    • How many percent safe is that?

    • 100%
      He might not necessarily be cheating, but he's an asshole.

  • Leave that screw-up immediately!


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