Can someone just tell me if I am being stupid & if we are moving too fast? He already asked me to be his girlfriend after a few dates?

Let me start by saying I really really like this guy. He asked me out on this past Saturday. He's 29. I'm 20. He at first was cautious, thinking I have so much to experience, but we get along unbelievably well. I have never felt such a connection with a man before (and I am the most picky.. I've never had an official relationship). I'm mature for my age and he told me that, he said I have a great head on my shoulders and maybe this will all blow up, but we decided we should go for it.

We went out on Sunday evening again, and tonight as well. We've only moved as far as kissing for a few minutes with his hands around me. I told him how serious relationships are to me, and he said he completely agrees (since he is old, he wants the real deal). I told him I move slow. But, moments later he asked me what we were, he said it's all up to me but I know what he wanted. I also want to be official though, but I can't tell if I am getting too caught up in finally finding someone I can see myself with, or if it's actually alright.

by the way, some background info on the guy... He was married & divorced before. He was with her for 10 years and they had a child. He has joint custody, and his ex wife has remarried. He doesn't not have any feelings left for her (he filed for divorce).

is this going too fast or did we just get it right and this is how it should feel? I'm so scared.


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  • Go with your gut feeling. If you guys hit it off then why worry.
    Of course it is a bit fast to be labeling it a relationship, but if you see potential why not give it a go. After all the GF/BF label is nothing else than "dating exclusively".
    You shouldn't HAVE to feel any certain way. You feel what you feel, nevermind the expectations or "rules" others might want to influence you with. As i said, go with your gut feeling.
    You should get worried however if he is on the fast track to you guys moving in together as well. That is something that should be done after really knowing someone.


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  • It could be real but honestly I would wait a little while longer, maybe even a couple more dates before it becomes serious. Just to be safe, and if he really is the one/interested in you then you will know. Don't just take his word for it incase you are rebound or he is trying to get sexual with you. He could be genuine but why not wait and see what happens, doesn't mean you can't flirt or "date" him!

  • Well you can always end it again if you feel like it's not working out, so why not just jump into it