Do you agree with this "Women are mercenary"?

(((This wasn't written or thought up by me. I thought it was something interesting to talk about.)))

1. “Women are mercenary. They do whatever it takes to win. They will switch sides or outright lie to secure the man they deem their best option. That’s what you are to a woman. An option.”
2. “Society claims a woman shown your deepest fears will appreciate “your true essence.” This is a myth, a grandiose lie. The average man naively expects a woman to treasure his vulnerability in much the way he does hers. She cannot. Presented with such a burden, a woman will plan her exit. Your vulnerability will not be tolerated. Such a man’s error is conflating his innate attraction to female vulnerability with a reciprocal attitude. There is no reciprocal attraction. Pre-sexual revolution, men knew this acutely.”
3. “Superficial vulnerability from a position of power is attractive to women, this is what it means to “open up.” Substantive vulnerability, eg: being insecure, is not.
4. “You think sharing your weakness demonstrates trust and love. You believe you can bond over your pain. You believe wrongly. All she sees is the repulsiveness of your weakness. She does not respect your weakness, your pain, or how difficult it was for you to share your pain with her. Women do not care. They can admire your persistence in the face of such, but not your need to express it."

5. “Money is makeup for men. Money on a man looks like makeup on a woman.”

6. “Money is more important than women. Chase money, not women. You are more likely to get women chasing money than you are to get money chasing women. Without money or godlike genetics, you’re playing on hard mode. Money makes everything better, the quality of woman you can get is the epitome of such, not the exception.”
7. “Men control an interaction by being non-reactive. Women control an interaction by being hyper-emotional.”

- “Women are psychologically violent.”


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  • No, I don't think so. Most women aren't like that. Of course there are some women who are, but there are also men that share those traits too, so I don't think that this can be put down to one specific gender. And vulnerability, trust and love is something that most women want from their partner, a lot of men just don't see to really understand that.


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  • 1. disagree
    2. this doesn't apply to EVERY gal of course
    3. see #2
    4. now he presents gals as assholes... seems like a bitter guy in my opinion
    5. lemme puke bro... dat was totally "out of da wall"
    6. so accordin to him all gals r gold-diggers... wot a douche!
    7. sexist sexist sexist

    conclusion... this guy who wrote this is no better than 3 pounds of poo :|


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  • All aboard the bitter train.

  • There is a facet of truth in most of this. Some women are outright materialistic and love the comfort of material possessions and have less shame about getting them through marriage than a man would. However most women are attracted to wealth because of what it symbolizes, competence, status, the analogy to makeup is a good one.

    These point don't apply to all women or all women equally but there is truth in the tendencies described.


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