Where are the BEST places to approach women besides bars and clubs?

Sometimes nightclubs and bars are not healthy places to find relationships and online dating is just ridiculas for men. online dating is worse than bars and nightclubs in my opinion, they must be a better option to meet decent women. I always thought in town centre throughout day would be a bad move as its not in the social convention to approach people randomly unless your giving out leaflets or advertising, other than that people bodylanguage looks kind of hostile but what are your thoughts? Need some ideas wheres best to approach and meet women and yeah I also knew this guy who even joined a yoga class to meet women... an he HATES yoga!
Come on someone give me a decent answer?


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  • Anywhere can be a good place actually. You can meet nice girls where you least expect.


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  • I'm in a singles group that gets together to play volleyball, see shows, go on hikes, play golf... It's nice 'cause there's something fun to do even if you're not anxious to date any of the people there. You can get to know people over multiple weeks instead of feeling like you've got to get a phone number the first time you meet. I'm in a relationship now and I still go 'cause it's just a fun, laid back group. I also meet people in book clubs, working on political campaigns, at work...

  • Any places related to your interests/hobbies.


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  • Ever thought about coffee shops such as Starbucks or a mall?
    Fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks might be another.
    Concerts maybe.
    whatever you enjoy at least you would have something to get you started on a conversation.

  • In Classes
    Most colleges and universities will allow people to audit classes for a fee.

    The Gym
    Pretty obvious. Lots of women go there and you know they take care of their bodies.

    Lot of single women in book stores. Many of them are shy or not very approaching.

    Coffee Shops
    Probably the best place place. A lot of young adults spend their times especially college students.

    Some people might say malls but I wouldn't recommend that. Yeah a lot of women go there but they go there to shop not to hook up with other people.

    • the gym isn't a good place maybe the ones who go once but the people who go there few times a week don't want people picking them up

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    • yeah but dont forget he has wealth and status which attracts women. I only got game and still is difficult, need money and ranking job

    • high ranking*

  • If you're the kind of person looking for a girl in bars and clubs it's better for the other girls that you continue to look there.

    • I dunno could you elaborate?

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    • Suppose you're intentions, not mine. :D :D

    • Nowt wrong with it I mean am single and some married celebs do it

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