Why do I like older guys?

I've been noticed that I like older guys!
I'm 16, but it's very strange when I look to a guy from my age.
It's not that I would like to date a 30-40 guy (gra├žon)
It's most like... Most of my crushes or the guys that I really really want to date are like 19-25.
One day I had a date with a 21 years old guy. we were in a restaurant and I told him I was 15 and began to choke. Sometimes when I use the correct clothes and the perfect amount of make up I look older than 16.
But... Yeah, I don't know. Also the guys from my age had told me that I'm too ugly when older guys tell me that I'm pretty. I think older guys are more... Respectful with girls than new generations guys...
Am I crazy? D:
Do you think it's strange? Do I need to look more to guys from my age?


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  • You're like every girl your age. The guys your age are still way less mature than you so you want older guys.


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  • It's normal

  • We are less childish.

  • Well chivalry is considered old fashioned nowadays so I see what you mean I guess. :)


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