Would you ever want to become a sex symbol?

I never got any in high school and I started getting into bodybuilding after and my body looks amazing four years later. I want to enhance myself in every way possible to become a man dime in my mid twenties. I'm a college grad making good money now at 25 years old. I'm bored though I want to travel have endless sex with amazing women. I want to get a face lift get some fillers to make my skin look like it has zero flaws at all. (600-800$) will last aproximatley 9 months. I want to get rhinoplasty ($5,200). I also want to get on a minor dosage of testerone to really make my physique look even better. I missed out on my youth because of school studies and now I have any money drive a nice car but want more. I'm sick of dating mediocere girls looking for marriage.

I guess you can say this sounds extremely vain but I feel I am only going to be young once. The only possible down side to this would be that I'm blowing around $7500. The rhinoplasty nose job is something I've always wanted to do. The fillers will just enchance and make my skin look godlike which is only temporary. The anabolic steoirds is a minor dosage under a doctos supervision so no I don't see anything going south. I'd like to spend two years travelings and becoming a hit in instagram just looking like eye candy having sex with amazing top tier women.

I got the nice car.. education.. money.. the body.. I've worked hard for all. I just want to simply enhance myself for the next couple years to experience a lavish lifestyle. Again you're are only young once. I want to milk the last of my youth before I settle down.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • you're great as you are. if your not getting pussy just by all that your personality sucks and im just being honest. don't do surgery just get a spray tan or something.

    • Only surgery would be the nose and it definitely would boost me up a couple points on the attractiveness scale. I get pussy and can pull girls just not the top tier women that I want to pull.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like you are working hard to be something thats impossible. Sont get me wrong. Those things are great that you have accomplished but your desire to have more just tells me you are reaching for a star that rrally isn't there. Be happy with what you got bro.

    • I'm a solid 7-8 right now. I could easily boost myself up to a man dime with all these things.

    • But why? So you can lay with a few "models" actually fuck it lifes to short you do you man

    • exactly bro. i want to do this for a year or two. Lay with a couple models/pornstars.. then I'd eventually like to settle down by 30.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Have you talked with a mental health professional about these feelings?

    • No I see a counselor every so often jut to blow off steam. I told my main doc and he encouraged me to go do it and said he wish he was my age again. Although he opted against the steroid use.

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    • I'm not continusly chasing after an appearance that is flawless. I'm temporarily enhancing myself to make myself a man dime. But as a bodybuilding when it comes to my physique yes I'm always chasing flawless. That's how I got to where I'm at today. If I said oh.. I just want to work out twice a week aND eat a burger here and there I would look like shit and I would of made no progress within these years. Nothing wrong with self improvement. I strive to be the best I can.

    • Talk with your therapist anon.

  • Excuse me while I go vomit.


What Guys Said 1

  • I dunno, I guess that might work. I've seen guys like that pull chicks, not the kind that appeal to me but de gustibus non est disputandem.


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