How can I get the hot girls like the bigger guys?

How can I get the hot girls like the bigger guys?


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  • Don't focus so much on what somebody else has. Just be you. The right girl will appreciate you for who you are!


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  • Keep making insane duck faces
    Become friends with one of those sexy fat dudes and then steal her after you feed him a bucket of fried chicken and he passes out
    Eat bacon grease and Pizza Hut daily
    Grow a bigger pair
    Cosmetic surgery
    Ouija board
    Play the lottery
    Beg rich people
    Start a go fund me I am pretty fuckin ugly account
    Learn to orally please yourself
    Email Caitlyn Jenner for advice

    • im not making duck faces what are you talking about its a regular picture

    • Oh sorry. You have a naturally beautiful mouth then. My bad my bad.

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  • Lmao why did you ask this anonymously when literally everyone on this site knows who you are?

    • yeah your right dosent really matter

  • Why do you always go anon occasionally but then show pics of yourself, we all know who you are...

    • ok can you answer this

What Guys Said 1

  • I like how instead of answering your question, the girls just criticized you for being anon just cause they know who you are.

    • i face that a lot on this site

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