Boyfriend doesn't initiate much physical contact. What to do next?

Basically I asked a guy out and although he didn't really like me in that way (we've been friends for 3 years), he said he liked my personality and was open to trying. So we're dating. He'd always intiate conversations online and when I see him, he'd put his arm around my shoulder. But he doesn't really initiate much physical contact. So I initiated hand holding and I kissed him on the cheek at the end of our last date (and he would return it, though I'm not sure if it was out of obligation/convention/politeness). I initiated physical contact on these occasions because he saw me as a friend all along and I wanted to do something to allow him to consider me in a different way. So what to do next? Might be important to add we've only been on 2 dates. My plans are not to initiate physical touch for now, and just see if he'd do anything about it. Thoughts? We're both in our 20s but it's our first time dating someone.


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  • Well he could not find you atractive to put it bluntly and it is probably the case. He could just be unhappy with the relationship or something but sadly I think he is not intrested. Personally I don't like much physical interactions but after knowing someone for three years I would be over it.

    • Yeh, I considered that as well. That he just wasn't interested. But I have trust in his character from our friendship that he wouldn't date just for the sake of dating. So now it doesn't even make sense why he took up the offer. I made it really clear that rejection was absolutely okay and that our friendship would go on.

  • Probably nervous/unsure when to initiate if its first time dating. Give him time to be confortable with you. Or express your desire for more hugs/kisses etc


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