Why do people on tinder swipe right and not respond?

I want to actually get a message back for once. Advice would be helpful.

How long should I wait before I assume they aren't gonna message me back?


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  • Could be a multitude of reasons.

    1) Perhaps they didn't like the message you sent.

    2) Maybe they were sent a lot of messages and they chose the best out of them.

    3) They might not be on... nor look at their phone (or might not care and just close the notification)

    4) They think you're attractive but don't care to talk to you.

    5) Some users advertise their snapchat and IG. They do that so you'll follow it and they can say they have a bunch of followers. They are "popular".

    6) To see how many people are into them.

    7) They made a mistake and accidentally swiped right.

    Probably some more reasons.

    • What can you do about it? Nothing much. Best thing to do is to find more matches.

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    • What do you mean? You mean should you send them another? I wouldn't, but I guess you can try.

    • Thanks for MH.

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