When someone leaves you hanging on a text message for a entire 24 hours, what do you do?

I've been talking to this girl for about a week now and we have been communicating ever since we met at the mall via cell phone (Text and 2 short phone calls). She and I met right before a Spring Break trip (This week) and I completely understand her being busy while out of town but we had a phone call the night before leaving and during it, I asked her out and she replied, "Yes, I absolutely would love to do that. It sounds amazing." then we got off because she had to drive 11 hours the next day. Since she has been on vacation I have received 2 text just saying "Hey" and I reply back and ask how the trip is going and how her day went but she never replies back. Also, last night she texted me in the early morning after getting back from something and I exchanged like 2 messaging just getting to see that she was doing good but I replied after that with a question of what all have you done while being there. Now...I'm just hanging in the dust.

Sorry for the background.

Main question:

When is too long to hear back from someone?

Should I just completely wait until she returns from Spring Break?

Is it wrong if I text/call her and leave a message saying, "Hey, I hope you're having a fun time there and you're not missing too much back home. Can't wait for you to get back and have a great date. Talk to you soon."?

I'm just honestly lost when it is wrong to text her and be texting too much or expecting too much OR when she just isn't interested in me anymore OR the trip is just keeping her busier than expected and away from her phone. Sorry for rant kinda.


We definitely had a connection before she left and flirted plenty! So, I know it isn't a lack of attraction or interest while back home.

Also, I know my text our getting through (Verizon delivery confirmation)

Thanks for reading
When someone leaves you hanging on a text message for a entire 24 hours, what do you do?
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