Should I ask this guy if he's not interested anymore :(?

Can someone explain this to me? I'm completely at a loss here.

I've been dating this guy for nearly 2 months. We're not exclusive yet, but we're not dating other people either. He lives locally so it's easy to meet up and arrange dates, often spur of the moment. Thing is, I feel the communication and arranging to do things has become a bit one-sided lately. I've initiated the last few dates, and when he's away on weekends (he's been away twice), he barely keeps in touch. The same applies when I go away to see a friend or family. I'm not asking for constant texts or phone calls.

It's come to a point that when I say goodbye to him, there's no real indication or plan when we can see each other next. I feel like I've done most of the effort lately, and he's not really that bothered. He's currently gone back to a job he hates (he originally quit) so I know he's been stressed out with that, but his lack of communication is beginning to annoy me. Sometimes he does take a while to respond to texts, he's a naturally forgetful guy, but now it all seems like he's not bothered.

How do I address this to him without accusing him? Do you think he's lost interest?

Should I ask him if he's not interested anymore?

Usually when this happens I end up pulling away and start looking elsewhere but I do like this guy.
Should I ask this guy if he's not interested anymore :(?
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