Things were going well and he ghosted me... what does it mean?

This guy and I started dating recently. Things were going really well and he kept asking me to hang out again. We seemed to really click and we have a ton in common. He spent the night at my apartment and we did everything but have sex because he said he doesn't like to jump into it and he said he always get nervous/scared about sex and he doesn't know why because he isn't religious (kinda weird right?). But of course I said that's fine and was really understanding. We hung out a couple days later and then had plans for a fourth date, but he cancelled last minute. This was two days after the last time we hung out and he was the one who suggested we hang out on Wednesday. He was being weird so I straight up asked him to tell me if he wasn't vibing it. He didn't reply for four days and then said he's sorry but he met someone else and has a good feeling about it. He replied like a couple hours before he knew he would see me at a group thing we're in together. So it was a last minute effort to take the pressure off him. I saw him a couple days ago (it's been 5 days since he sent that text) and he kept staring at me and talking to me? It was casual convo but I don't know what to think. One of his friends told me she knows some of his exes and they all say he's terrified of commitment and sex and whenever it gets serious he ghosts them... Do you think he really found someone new? Is he just not into me or is he scared? What should I do?
Things were going well and he ghosted me... what does it mean?
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