He doesn't talk to you on the weekends, but is crazy about you during the week?

I have been talking to this guy for about a month and a half. We had sex a couple times. He doesn't talk to me on the weekends right now as he says he wants to take things slow and we aren't really dating. However, during the week he cannot get enough of me. He talks to me at least 4 times a day...a couple times while we are both at work. and a couple times in the evening.

He calls as soon as he knows that I will be home from work and we talk for about half an hour to an hour each time. We also see each other a couple times during the week. What is up with that that he doesn't call on the weekends, but can't get enough of me during the week?


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  • I was in a relationship with a man for 6mth who did this. He would only come over during the week, but always had an excuse for every weekend from working over time to having to visit his family/friends about 3hrs drive. Than I found him on a few online dating profiles, confronted him. He said he deleted them, a month later he was begging me to move in.

    When I said not right now, I want to see if you have what it takes to see me on the weekends and meet your friends/family. He started calling me names, So I ended it. Not a month later he was living with his new girlfriend. A year later he came knocking saying he broke up with her and wanted a second chance. Well I contacted her to verify, and guess what he was dating her months before we broke up with me and was still seeing her then. So I told him to F off and so did she. He was looking for a woman to call home during the week and party like a single man on the weekends.

    Agreed with the other comment. Tell him your busy this week but you will make plans with him this weekend. If he gets all suspicious and shows up at your door unannounced during the week (like mine did) its a good indicator that he is seeing other women and he thinks you might be doing the same thing. If he gives you an excuse for the weekend than tell him. You don't want to be his Week Day Girl anymore. Its better to get this hashed out now, than to wait 6mths and than find out the truth a year later.

  • Did he actually say that he doesn't want to see you on the weekends because he wants to take it slow? Talking 4 times a day is not taking it slow.

    He could be seeing someone else on the weekends.

    I would test him a little. Next time he calls and wants to hang out, tell him you are really busy and only have time this weekend. If he really likes you and wants to see you, he will.

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