Trying to get a fling back?

I have had a ton of flings in my past and have noticed one main thing, after they end it with you they ALWAYS come back once you have moved on and forgot about them. Anyways, a few weeks ago one of my good guy friends and I have had a fling the past few months. Long story short we were really close, constantly joked around, but I never gave in and had sex with him. We had the relationship talk where he said "he didn't want to start anything with anyone blah blah." So ignored him and didn't give him the time of day until this past weekend. I went out with him and all his friends (which have became my friends over the past months-which they all love me) downtown. Went back to place to hot tub where I proceeded to ignore him and went to bed. Later on he crawled in bed with me to my surprise and wanted to mess around where I told him that "we are just friends remember." We then talked about the situation more except we were both drunk. I remember he told me "didn't want anything serious." This is a guy who is pre-med, good looking and has probably never been told by a girl in his life not to mention. Anyways, today his friend asked me out to lunch so I'm sure this guy will hear about this and get a bit jealous hopefully? Anyways, should I just continue ignoring this guy? I just want him to commit


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  • I see it as he only wants a "buddy" I don't think he wasn't anything to really do with you. I guess you could ignore him.. if you want I mean he's your friend. jsut don't show affection toward him.. Try it with his friend. if you are attracted to him then why nott?