Should I leave a voice mail or text her?

So there's this girl I want to hang out with I know she likes me but she's been playing hard to get. I'm 80% sure that if I call her she won't answer right away.

So should I leave her a voice mail asking her out? or Not leave her a voice mail & wait until she calls me back or text me back?

I don't want to ask her out through a text because it just seems lame or what do you guys think? Any advice? By the way I can't ask her in person because we don't see each other.


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  • I think you should call her,and if she doesn't pick up which is likely,leave a voicemail just saying casually"Hey this is ____ just seeing how you are doing,call me back when you get the chance." And then wait for her to contact you...then ask her out over the phone. She's playing the game,and you're choosing to play too which makes it fun at times no?:) But I don't suggest doing it by text,email or leaving a voicemail. Just wait till she calls you back,which may be the next day or two...:)

    • Next day or two really! Well I guess I can wait LOL! But yea I guess the game is fun to play cause it shows me she's not a Hoe or an easy girl.

    • yeah...she just might make you wait a day or two...but hang in there...its part of the game. Yeah...just say no to hoes...:) Good luck!:)

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  • I agree with the other girls. Leave a voicemail, but ask her out when she calls you back.

  • Just call but don't ask her out via voicemail BUT leave a voicemail


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