Why do nice girls finish last?

The topic of men finishing has been a topic of debate for as long as I could remember. Lots of men bring up this topic, especially my male friends. But the same goes for women and it's way more common thank people think.

I've always been that nice girl in relationships, I go above and beyond to be loving and caring in a relationship. It's not always enough though. At the end of 2 previous relationships both men told me the exact same thing "haven't you ever though maybe you being too nice is the problem?". Which I never understood.

I think men view nice girls as plain and less challenging. Therefore we appear boring. Yet they run after women that play with their feelings, treat them like dirt and keep them wondering if they're loved or not. Yet they keep running after them while nice girls are left in the dust.
Why do nice girls finish last?
Why do nice girls finish last?
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by the way this post isn't about me. I merely stated the experience I've had with this problem. Secondly, those 2 men were not bad guys with only good looks that treat women poorly. I merely stated what they have said to me. Furthermore they were not bad partners.
This question is aimed at nice girls in general that are either not given a chance or left high and dry for the "bad girl" type. ✌
Why do nice girls finish last?
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