My vagina is ugly?

So I've recently gotten into a relationship with the man of my dreams but I'm too scared to have sex with him.

I get really bad ingrown hairs down there (genetic trait unfortunately) and have folliculitis down there. So therefore have a lot of scarring and irritated ingrowns and it's quite dark. I've tried EVERYTHING but nothing seems to work, and doctor's always say there's nothing they can do and I should "stop shaving" when I can't even remove the hair from there in the first place as it won't come through, hence the ingrown hairs and discomfort.

I have an ugly vagina and I hate myself for it. I don't understand why I can't just be normal like other women and have a normal vagina they doesn't look like I have terrible acne down there. I know my boyfriend senses I'm insecure about my vagina but I feel like if I tell/show him he'll think I'm gross.

I know my boyfriend really wants to do something soon, and I really want to too, but I'm so scared he will take one look at me and never want to touch me again. Especially since right now I have multiple sore ingrown hairs which will not go away.

What should I do?
And no I do not have any STIs
My vagina is ugly?
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