How to make him want me more?

I have been dating this guy for a few months now he's 24 and i'm 20. I know he cares for me, he texts me everyday and we hangout when we can. But I am always the one making the plans, I am always the one calling him, and I feel as though i'm the one putting in all the effort into this relationship!! any tips i can try that might make him try more? Not to sound self absorbed but I know I am a very attractive girl, i get lots of attention. And he is an attractive guy, but all his friends tell me i'm the hottest girl he has ever talked to and that my boyfriend says all the time to his friends that i'm too good for him. If he feels that I am so much better than him wouldn't he want to put in effort? At this point I would just like to know how to get him to put more effort into this.
How to make him want me more?
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