Any of you spend most of your time alone?


I feel like my life is very sad and lonely to a lot of people. And they’re certainly right, it used to hurt more but I’ve become more content. I see people on social media all the time spending time with family and they do things together, friends and significant others etc. They don’t seem drama filled and everyone gets along so well, I feel like my life has been the opposite. I’m only in my mid twenties and can say that I’m always alone, I’m at the point where I know for a fact that I will never find love. Never been in a long term relationship, I don’t have any friends (online friends only but don’t count). I don’t talk to almost all of my family, I only speak to my parents and brothers. There’s been drama with most people I’ve called friends, workplaces, school life, family etc and I’ve just secluded myself. It’s become more bearable, at the point where

TL;DR:I am bitter and keep people at arms length. I was nicer and friendlier previously, drama happened. I’m to my self and what happens? Drama. I cannot win, people are just complicated and flawed. Am I just super unlucky? Or is this most people who seem to hide it better?
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Any of you spend most of your time alone?
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