Is it best that I stay single?

I’m 22 and never dated, I’ve been wanting to go out on dates but haven’t had any luck. All I do is get ghosted by all the guys I talk to, no one approaches me in public, and it seems like whenever someone is interested they only want sex and nothing else.

I feel like it’s very hard trying to find someone who actually wants a relationship and not just hookups. And I dress very modest, I don’t show a lot so I don’t get why that’s all a guy want when he see me.

I also have a guy friend who likes me and I like him too but he also likes 2 other girls so basically he’s indecisive on who he want. And I don’t have time trying to get him to pick me. He’s off-limits cause his situation already seems messy.

But at this point I feel like I should just stay single. I know don’t have to be with a guy, but sometimes being single does get boring for so long. But I doubt I’ll find anyone anytime soon.
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Thank you to the ones that have been helpful. The rest that are worried about me being anon or trying to make everything my fault, I’m just gonna block you cause who pissed in your coffee?
Is it best that I stay single?
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