Intimidated by a girl who I think likes the guy I’m dating?

I’ve been dating this guy for months now and he’s someone who’s extremely attractive! I’ve never considered my self the pretty type but I like my personality and we both are people with good careers. While he hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend, his friends do recognize we’re dating. There’s this girl though who’s sometimes around us and his group of friends, who I feel is extremely pretty and has an amazing personality.

They do kinda know each other and when I first saw her around he kept raving how she was famous on social media and has her own business, which I bought some stuff from. Sometimes though, when he’s drunk he can be overly talkative with her, like CLOSE to her face and I’ve catched him staring just a few times and her as well. She never tells him to back off either. I heard she has a long distance partner but I’ve also heard from one of my friends that she had mentioned he’s someone she’d date if she was single. This was before she met me though.

Again, she’s never made moves. At least when I’m around, but I just can’t shake the feeling she has a thing for him. I’m just trying to convince my self I shouldn’t see this woman as competition, especially since I’m the one dating him for almost half a year and she’s in a relationship.
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I want to add this is a guy meeting my family soon! So, I don't know if he just already considers me his girlfriend
Intimidated by a girl who I think likes the guy I’m dating?
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