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What can I do to get her back to treating me like how she used to?


This girl and her friend came into my work (retail) to pick out Christmas gifts for her family. This girl and I vibed and I got her number but she told me she was leaving to go back home for winter break. So during the coarse of that month and a half we were getting to know eachother. At first it was just texts, than it was calling, than we were FaceTiming, next thing ya know she’s coming back from break and we’ve made all these plans and telling eachother we can’t wait to see one another. We really did learn a lot about eachother talking for that long. And it was consistent to with no weirdness or awkwardness.

She finally gets back, Looses her luggage, it was storming here, but she insisted on still meeting up. So I got creative and ordered take out pasta, bought some rosee for her to try for the first time. Brought a blanket, candle, my laptop and we sat in my car, in the storm, ate pasta, drank and chilled. Everything went great. Dropped her off, went in for a kiss, she hesitated for a sec but she gave me a kiss tho I thought I messed up some how. Got me stressing, but we planned for a 2nd and that went better than the 1st. Plan for a 3rd date, my car breaks down and I can’t pick her up.

During the new car hunt, I feel her fading away. She jokingly text called me a weirdo and I said why are you dating me then? she said “excuse me sir, what makes you think we’re dating”? I said cause we went on 2 dates? She told me Im old and that’s not what it means. Now Vibes are way off. I don’t know how to handle this. I called her and told her how I saw a difference and I just want to be on the same page. She said she takes things slower than most people (I have my reasons) and I take things slightly faster. So I said thank you for letting me know and I wished her the best And she said” chill chill, I want to still be friends and stuff, I take things a lot slower.” This is not the same girl I was once texting. Do I give up? I really really want this to last.

What can I do to get her back to treating me like how she used to?
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