Should I message her?


This girl, that I used to work with, and i started talking February. And we used to talk almost everyday. It almost seemed like neither wanted the convo to end.

We didn't hang earlier in the year until one day she visited me at work one day. She had lost her job and i didn't want to put too much on her plate.

We did hangout twice after that as well. The first time the vibes were amazing and it felt good but tbh i felt like i wqs exhausted after that day.

The second time didn't go as well as the first. It did feel different but i wouldn't say it went bad.

She said she had a good time and when i asked that we should do it again, she basically said yea but it might have to be until after August.

I told her to message me whenever she's down. I haven't heard back from her since.

she's working in her field and im trying to get my life together. If im being honest im not happy where i am at life and my confidence is lacking. And im pretty sure she's aware of that.

Nevertheless, i really fancy this girl she's amazing and And i fucking suck at dating.

Part of me thinks i should not message her because i dont want to come off as pushy

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Should I message her?
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