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Would you be okay with your boyfriend spending alone time with another woman?

So we had been dating a few months and as I spent time at his house a woman was there to train his horses. I didn't think anything of it because he told me she was a horse trainer and was just there for work. Hung out with her and she seemed nice! As time went on the horse she was "training" wasn't halter broke after six months. It does not take six months to halter break a horse, this can be accomplished in a week or less.

He had been open about her but I saw posts she made of her riding 4 wheelers on his property and just spending time with him prior to us dating. When I asked him if they had ever been on dates he denied it (even though there are photos of it online) and I asked him what he thought it was when they were spending one on one time together at his house before she had started training his horse. He ignored me.

When I told him them spending time together alone at his house when she wasn't accomplishing anything with the horse (and they had been on dates before) made me feel uncomfortable he got defensive and said he just felt bad for her since she was mentally unwell. which was why she was still there even though the job wasn't getting done. He would not ask her to leave, instead set up a time to meet her at a restaurant to sell her the horse. I told him selling her the horse and still allowing her to come over left the line of communication open and made me uncomfortable.

He seems to prioritize her feelings over mine, which I did communicate to him. After I spoke with him a few times and he refused to ask her to stop coming over I broke things off with him. After I dumped him he then said "I asked her to stop coming over today" but still plans on selling her the horse for next to nothing.

He still spends time with other female friends, that wasn’t the issue for me. It was prioritizing her, wishy washyness and them spending time together alone at his house. It just feels off and I am curious how other people would have handled this situation.

Would you be okay with your boyfriend spending alone time with another woman?
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