Girls, if you don't reply to a guy's text what does it mean?

This is the situation

I've been talking to this girl for a while now and I just got her number a few days ago . Two days after that I texted her asking "Hey , are you coming to the park today ?" ( We both run at a park and this is where we met ) . I didn't get any reply from her and it's been two days .

1.Girls , when you don't reply to a guy does that automatically imply you're not interested ? Or maybe she read my message when she was busy and forgot to reply later?

2.Girls , in this situation would you advice me to send a follow up message asking why she didn't reply or do I wait for the next time we meet face to face ?

3.Should I just behave normally when I meet her or ask her why she didn't reply ?


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  • 1. No - not necessarily because I'm not interested. If he's my boyfriend then I will answer right away. But for anyone else, sometimes I just don't feel like typing (e.g. I just got my nails done), sometimes I get distracted and then totally forget about the text, sometimes I just don't feel like answering. Of course, sometimes it IS because I'm not interested - I'm just saying it's not automatically that reason.

    2. In your situation, I think she is ignoring you on purpose though so I would suggest taking the hint. You can send a follow up message if you want but I honestly think you are just setting yourself up for a polite rejection or being ignored again.

    3. Of course you should always behave normally. What is the point of asking her why she didn't reply? That will just put her on the spot and make her uncomfortable and she will babble some sort of excuse and probably piss her off for putting her in that situation.

    Again, this is my opinion. If you want to send her a text and want to interrogate her then that's your call :)


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  • When we dongt reply it doesn't mean we are not interested! And if we have reply before you should completely aboid that option! Ok? Haahhaaha well the option about she reading the message and then forgeting to reply is posible ;) maybe she run out of money and don't have how to reply to you :( well there are ManĂ© options, maybe you said something that made her mad but I don't think so because that's not the situation...ot that's what I can tell about what you said hahaha, so don't think about the bad thing about why she didn't reply! Think of all the

    options and things that could happend for her not to reply :) ooh and I forgot, one "technique" that friends give us is "dongt reply at the moment, reply at least 5 minutes later so he starts asking why'' I know that this doesn't aply to your situation now but just so you know :)

    2.dont send her any message asking her why she didn't answe, you will sound desperate, send her a normal text just saying "heey, how are you :)'' ( we love smiley faces! So use them :)

    3.when you meet her just ask normally ;)

    good luck! Hope this helped! :)

  • Not interested,sorry.

    Or sometimes we don't know what to say,are busy,etc.

  • 1. It's funny that you phrase it this way. Girls worry about the same thing when they text guys and don't get a response. It *does* usually imply that she is not interested in the topic of the text -- either because she is busy, because she does not want to lead you on, or because she doesn't know what to say. If you're set on meeting her, try calling rather than texting.

    2. No, I would not text again. Try calling her. When you call you can hear the tone of her voice and gauge from there what she feels for you. (Don't stalk her. If she doesn't answer after BOTH the text and the call, don't pursue.)

    3. Don't mention why she didn't reply. She's in front of you, just take it from there.


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  • dont you hate the fact that we have to sit here and guess...

    where when a girl does this stuff to me, I ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS tell her I'm not interested or at least a nice way of telling her I'm not looking for anything more than friendship...

    it sucks, to sit there and wonder and have to guess and ask these kind of questions...i def feel for you

    they ignore because they don't want to deal with the situation at the current time...they LOVE the attentioin you give them even if they say they dont... (this is why they ignore if you send mult. texts with no response)

    in your case it could be that she saw it, was busy, then forgot about it...

    anyways with this suggestion, don't say anything, don't follow up...forget it

    when you see her again at the park, just say what's up and see how she is...keep it simple, short and to the point...

    if she likes you, you'll eventually get the hint...but since you have many opportunities to see her multiple times without asking to meet up (aka at the park where you run) then just leave it at don't want to burn your chances by asking her if she's going or wants to jog together when you can do that just by seeing her in person...

    so yeah, just go with the flow, you put the ball in her court...give her the chance to hit it back or not...

  • Don't always assume the worst. Yes, most of the time if she's not responding she's being "nice" about rejecting you however, sometimes, women will take their time when replying. They could just be busy (have you memorized her schedule) etc..or like one of the users below said she could have just gotten her nails done etc..however, usually it's just because women like to take their time if it's a guy they like. Men, who usually reply right away because we're so happy she's actually replying to us, will say the "wrong" thing lots of times. Women will take their time so that they don't say the "wrong" thing. The problem is, usually when you overthink things, you wind up doing them wrong. That's why most things are done on impulse, even if they're wrong