I ignored my ex boyfriend's text messages and decided to initiate no contact but...

he now texts me more. Why? Why would he text me more if I don't respond back suddenly? He dumped me. I thought No contact kept them from bothering you? He is taken by the way. I thought that he wouldn't text me if he with somebody else. Just saying


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  • Its just part of human behavior, everyone wants what they can't have. He hasn't heard back from you so he is wondering what you are doing that you are not replying.

    If you really want a clean break, tell him you need space to move on and she should respect that.

  • I have been in a similar position as you . Guys do that because they love the attention and when they realize you have given up on them they need their egos boosted and to know they have 2 girls who want them makes them feel special again . Don't succumb to his texts or cave in . Give it a while and he will eventually give up . He is pushing your buttons to get a reaction and ultimately have his cake and eat it ! So to speak . All the best !

    • I am glad you told me that because I made it clear that I love him and I know he has a girlfriends and I told him that I am not trying to pursue him. So hopefully I did not boost his ego. Was that a mixed message? He text me back hmm which means nothing in my book