He says he is joking, but is he? Should I be suspicious?

My boyfriend keeps joking about me having "another boyfriend."

We were laying in bed the other night, and he was playing in my hair. He just randomly said "So, did you talk to your other boyfriend today?" I looked at him with a "What the heck?" face.

I am loyal. I have never cheated.. ever. I have never even thought about it. When I tell someone I love them, I mean it, and I take it very seriously.

So I said something like "It is hard to talk to my other boyfriend, when I only have one: you."

He just laughed it off and said "I don't see how a girl as pretty as you can have only one."

End of conversation.

A few days later, we were eating dinner out, and my female friend texted me, wanting to know if I could talk. I answered with "I'm out. Can I call you later?" He peaked over, and asked if I was talking to me "other boyfriend." Now, though he says he is joking.. it really gets under my skin. He has seen my messages. I text everyone right in front of him, so he can see! I have nothing to hide.

He has mentioned this "other boyfriend" several other times. I am starting to get annoyed.

Is it possible that he is just trying to get me to play along, or get a rise out of me?

Is he, possibly, accusing me of something that he is doing?

He went out of town, and came home with what looked like a hickey. He claimed his guy friend pinched him really hard. Then once I went down on him, and he tasted all strawberry-ish, like the special stuff you can put on down there to make it taste better. We have never used that, because I don't like it. I mentioned it, and his excuse was "Well, it is probably pre-cum."

Am I being too sensitive? I really don't think he is the cheating type, but I do not know what to do, or how to react to this.

Any advice? All is appreciated.


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  • I think he's insecure. Many joke about things that bother them. However, it's not always the case. I tease my boyfriend about him having another girlfriend, when I know its not true. For example, if he's on the phone, I'll be like "Mmhmmm.. on the phone with your other woman." But I know I'm his only one.

    • I think I would not be nearly as bothered, if he did not bring it up so often. It is getting to the point where.. he will make a comment every time we are together. It kind of kills my entire mood. I really do think I may just need to loosen up, and maybe joke back. If joking is what he wants.

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    • Thanks. Honesty is always the best policy, I suppose. (:

    • Most definitely!

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  • I say the same thing to my wife now and then, and she teases me back sometimes. We know we are both faithful. But it's not an every-few-days sort of thing that we do it. He probably has a guilty conscience, but it's hard to know for sure unless he comes clean (if there is reason to).

    Why not just tell him straight up that him saying that so often is irritating you? Or ask him why he keeps saying that?

    • I am going to have to bring it up. I guess I am just scared that getting serious about it (since he has only joked so far) will give him a reason to accuse me of something I'm not doing. I don't like arguments. xP

  • either he is very insecure, very manipulative (wants a 3way) or he is cheating and is feeling guilty, if he starts accusing you of cheating, then he is for sure

    • I definitely think he is insecure to a certain extent, but I do not see how. He is my everything, and I treat him like a god. (x I'm surprised I have not given him a god complex. Sheesh.

      But, yes.. if he starts to accuse me.. I know I have my answer.

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  • It's definitely a weird situation. He could simply be insecure, but it COULD also his way of dealing with feelings of guilt over his own disloyalty. There's no real way of knowing though. I suggest talking to him and asking him why he feels the need to "joke" about such a thing. A discussion with him might give you more clues about his reasons.

  • um in this case..it sounds like he is baiting u!its like a game trying to see your reaction he sound guilty to me ...plus you haved to go with your intuition gurl! I mean I think you know something is up but you are putting your blinders on! in my case my intuition is always right sounds fishy ...sorry usually the one who is doing something wrong always points the finger..it seems like there is a trust issue on his part probably because of his insicureities ..just saying

    • I agree. I really do. I know he is insecure. He says I am the prettiest girl he has ever dated, and he is afraid of losing me. Still.. what he doesn't realize is.. saying those things makes me pull away.

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    • yes I have seen this before where a guy feels your so pretty he will loose you, and he will if he continues to be and show his insecurities, tell him, your with him and choose to be with him, and that if he continues his behavior he will loose you. joking about that stuff ONCE and awhile is OK, esp if the boyfriend/girlfriend KNOWS your kidding, all the time? so I have to revise my first statement, don't think he's cheeting,i am sure you are the prettiest girl he's been with, but tell him to stop being INSCURE

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