Girl keeps texting me everyday short messages?

I don't know this girl that well but we get along..she claims that she has a boyfriend but I don't know if its true or not. we still are kool with each other...thing is that she sends me texts every morning saying, hey. so ill text her back and she will tell me what she's doing...then I won't hear from her for a few hours and then she will send another cryptic short message consisting of 2-3 words. I only talk to her as a friend but she texts me at least once a day but its not saying much at all but just a few words at a time of what she's doing or whatever...does anyone know what's going on? Like why text me everyday if you have barely anything to say

Also another thing is sometimes she texts me messages I don't one case I told her to text me when she can type better, she ended up telling me its OK she can text now. sometimes ill tell her to text me later and she will text in like a few hours doing the same thing


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  • she wants you to start the conversation 'cause she doesn't know what to say

    she definitely likes you, but doesn't know how to tell, and she's trying to figure out whether you like her too.


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  • Hmmm she seems to be texting when she can which is when her Boyfriend isn't around. In my opinion I wouldn't put any attention or effort on this girl. I'm nobody's pet. Sorry but I don't have the time nor patience to deal with girl's crap. Is one way with me, no stupid games. Either you want me if you are alone or let me be if you have a boyfriend and want to have a toy outside her relationship. I think if she does this to her boyfriend then of course she will do the same with me. F*cking circle, which means same pattern will apply to you too. By the way this is not a theory, I'm talking from experience!