What does it mean when a girl says she feels bad? Does she like me?

This girl said to me '' and again I wasn't trying to be rude the other night, I feel so bad :/ '' This girl has said other things such as... - you're always fun to hang with ️X
- you mean a lot to me ️
- so much love for you ️ with face blowing kiss and red love heart ( she was drunk)
- Andrew. I love you you're the best (she was drunk)
- I'm scared of losing you
- I feel safe with you
-I don't want you to get hurt
- I was really worried about you
- I am so devo i didn't get to know you sooner
- Thanks love x

She keeps on mentioning these other guys she is talking to; however they are supposly all creepy every single one of them. We were in a nightclub, she has also looked at me while this other guy put his arm around her but she didn't reciprocate it. I walked away when that happened and pretended to go off and do something else; however as I did that she came after me and touched my shoulder. This thing in the nightclub has nothing to do with her saying she feels so bad about been rude. She has randomly told me that she has been asked out on heaps of dates by different guys and that she went on some of them. But the most recent she said it was boring. We text everyday and she never has told me about any of these dates. I have taken her out to the movies, dinner and been out to nightclubs with her. She has gone a little strange with me such as snapping at me for no reason. Her texting style has changed a little such as shorter messages and been more serious. Her texting style changed suddenly over one night and but I've seen her for 4 times in one week and she seems fine. But she is been a little snappy at times but she is then normal after that.
What does it mean when a girl says she feels bad? Does she like me?
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