First girlfriend, making excuses not to see me?

So here is the deal, I'm a senior in high school (my age is wrong) and this girl and I had been talking for around a month and a half. It started out friendly enough until she eventually started telling me about her relationship issues. Long story short she dumped her boyfriend and started dating me. We have made no official announcements yet but between us we call it dating.

It started out we would hang out every day at her house or mine, a few days into hanging out we kissed. She kissed me because she knew I was too shy to. We hung out every day for like two weeks, and now it seems I only see her out of school maybe once a week. I don't want to pressure her into hanging out with me more so I only invite her over every now and again, and when I do its usually a "We'll see, I might be busy tomorrow" and then a "Yeah sorry I got ____ going on :(...". I understand if a person is busy and everything, but I want to spend more time together and make it into a more solid relationship. She tells me she likes me and that I'm the nicest person ever and stuff like that. I give her gifts quite often, I tell her she is beautiful and funny etc. I try being the best I can be. I shower regularly and take care of my self in every way. Am I doing something wrong? My only concern is that it is a little fresh still and I want to make it more stable. I have never had a girlfriend before and am unsure of what this means if it means anything... any commentary is appreciated.
First girlfriend, making excuses not to see me?
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