Would you continue to date someone you felt lukewarm about?

And how can you tell apart being lukewarm vs cautious.

And how can you tell if the other person is lukewarm if you are not.

What do people mean when they say, "I just wasn't feeling it?"

Would you have a relationship with someone you felt lukewarm about?


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  • To me it seems like you know more about not feeling it just by what you wrote so far. It means just that. Not feeling IT !

    If had experienced "IT" then you would most definitely know the answer to this question.

    I use to continue in relations with feeling lukewarm or blah if it worked out or not. Didn't mean anything was wrong with them personally or anything they did or didn't do. Just the feeling wasn't there. I use to hear the line it's not you it's me. I have said the same to others.

    but it wasn't either. What was missing was the "us" !

    In a relationship there is You Me and US. The us part has it's own power. it is the third entity in the relationship that you both sense at the same time. A magnetic draw to the other. It is the strong compatibility the LOVE of the relationship. without it you are cheating yourself.

    The saddest part about the lukewarm part is usually not as noticeable to both parties. One will feel more than the other and will typically be a hurtful break-up for the unexpected.

    Until after you find the US with another.

    Only then did it finally make sense to me what the relationship was missing and I will not settle for less than US !

    • are you saying unless you feel the US, then the other person is probably lukewarm?

      Can you describe IT? How long do you give for that kind of feeling to arise? Do you think age has something to do with it?

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  • Yes.

    If I had no other prospects (likely) and am having a decent time despite not seeing it working out in the future then I will stick with a girl for a time.

    Finding the one is great and all that but sometimes situations can force us down the road of just getting by and being reasonably happy.

    • How can you tell if someone has only luikewarm feelings for you?

      And will you ever fall in love with such a girl? Or they are just a time filler?

      How long would such relationships last?

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    • How long is too long before you know you will not fall in love?

    • It's not science pet

  • I would continue to date someone I was lukewarm about. Love isn't about passion, that is what infatuation is about. For a long term relationship people need more than infatuation. We need things like respect, and compatibility. This is why arranged marriages tend to do better, than when people that are infatuated decide to get married because they are "in love" which is normally just infatuation.

    You can't always tell what the other person is feeling. In fact it is nearly impossible. Even if you ask them, they often lie to spare the other person's feelings.

    What do people mean when they say, "I just wasn't feeling it?" It means what they are really looking for is the highs of infatuation. Infatuation almost always fades over time, so it shows these people are not ready for a long term relationship.

    • If they don't tell you what they are feeling, what are some other signs to watch out for?

    • I don't have a good answer for how to do that. People's relationships suffer all the time because of bad communication.

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  • no I don't think that I could keep dating someone that didn't mean something to me.